How do you do bullet journals on lined paper?

How do you do bullet journals on lined paper?

How do you do bullet journals on lined paper?

0:065:59Bullet Journaling ON A BUDGET | Spreads For Lined Pages - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou can just take $20. And go to your local Walmart or staples. And find all the supplies you needMoreYou can just take $20. And go to your local Walmart or staples. And find all the supplies you need to create a cute journal. So I created a spread already that I'm going to walk through.

What journal should I use for a bullet journal?

The standard notebook for the bullet journal community is a Leuchtturm1917 — specifically a medium A5 dotted journal. That's in large part because Bullet Journal creator Carroll collaborated with the German brand to create the official Bullet Journal back in 2014, through a Kickstarter campaign.

What can I use instead of a bullet journal?

Undated planners are one of the best bullet journal alternatives if you aren't quite ready to make the leap into a full-blown bullet journal. They allow you the room and freedom to customize your spreads, add your goals, and be productive.

How do I start a bullet journal?


  1. Gather your supplies. ...
  2. Create an Index. ...
  3. Create a Key. ...
  4. Create a Future Log. ...
  5. Create Your First Monthly. ...
  6. Create Weekly and/or Daily Logs. ...
  7. Update Your Index: Your Index only works if you keep it updated, so go back and make sure to include all of the pages you've created.

Why do journals have dotted pages?

With a dotted page, you have the added benefit of being able to break out of lined text into doodles or sketches when the mood takes you. Or you can box off different parts of the page so you can capture ideas in a non-linear way.

Is bullet journal a waste of time?

Bullet Journals were created to make things easier. If you follow the intent of the creator, then bullet journals are not a waste of time, but a time saver. Though like most things in life, there are other options if bullet journaling is not for you.

Should I use a bullet journal or planner?

You should start a bullet journal if you: Have very specific needs that can't be answered by a planner. Want not just an organization tool but also space to unleash your creativity.

Can you use lined paper for a bullet journal?

  • In this post, I’ll cover the best lined paper notebooks you can use to for your bullet journal. Bullet journals are notebooks and may be on blank, lined, dotted, or gridded paper. It’s simply a matter of personal preference which choice you prefer.

Do you need a designer journal to Bullet Journal?

  • You don’t need a designer journal to get organized. You can Bullet Journal in a basic notebook. Alice from The Geeky Burrow is sharing her favorite tips for getting started WITHOUT special supplies. September means new beginnings to many people!

What is the purpose of a bullet journal?

  • Bullet journal is a systematic way to organize your thoughts so that it cannot get overwhelmed. This method will help you be more productive with a little effort. It is a mixture of daily planner, diary and written meditation that enables you to organize all the chaos in your thoughts.

Where can I find inspiration for a bullet journal?

  • One source of bullet journal ideas is on Instagram as there is a whole community there that do bullet journals. You can check your Instagram and search for inspiration there. You could also check with Pinterest if there are inspirations for bullet journal out there.

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