Are pictures on Wikimedia Commons free to use?

Are pictures on Wikimedia Commons free to use?

Are pictures on Wikimedia Commons free to use?

Wikimedia Commons only accepts free content, that is, images and other media files that are not subject to copyright restrictions which would prevent them being used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose.

Are all Wikimedia images public domain?

Almost all images and other media on Wikimedia Commons are under some kind of free license (usually CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or GFDL; see Commons:Licensing) or in the public domain. Each media file has its licensing specified on its file description page.

Can I use Wikimedia Commons images on YouTube?

Most YouTube videos are not eligible for upload to Wikimedia Commons. However, YouTube offers the option to license videos under the free license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY) which is compatible with Commons.

Is everything in Wikimedia Commons public domain?

What is Wikimedia Commons? Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their own language. ... Wikimedia Commons uses the same wiki-technology as Wikipedia and everyone can edit it.

Can you cite Wikimedia Commons?

You may need to acknowledge it by the trademark symbol or a disclaimer. Furthermore, if you want to cite the origin of the image as a benefit to your readers, you should cite Chromium or Google as the original source (not Commons), as it's done in the Wikimedia Commons page for that file.

How do you cite Wikimedia Commons photos?

Last Name, First Name (or username). "Title of Image." Name of Website, date, URL.

How do I give credit to Wikimedia Commons images?

The following format is required: [Name of the author, title, date of the work. When applicable, names of authors of the common work and, if possible, where to find the originals]. Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License.

How do I use Wikimedia photos?

To reuse an image from Wikipedia simply click on the image within the article and then look for the More details button in the bottom right hand side of the page to go to the page for the image on Wikimedia Commons. If the page does not have this button it is most likely a fair use image and cannot be reused.

How do you reference images from Wikimedia Commons?

Attribution or In-text Citation for an Image on a Digital Composition

  1. Indicate the "Title" of the work written in quotation marks.
  2. Indicate the Author of the work either by full name (First Last) or user name (if real name is not given)
  3. Write licensed under and then indicate the license (CC0 1.0, CC by 2.0, or CC by 4.0)

How do you search Wikimedia Commons?

To search in Commons' internal database, use Special:MediaSearch or Special:Search (see also Help:Searching). There are also several gadgets available to link to these tools - they can be activated by visiting your Preferences.

Are wikipedia Pictures copyrighted?

  • Public domain images are not copyrighted, and copyright law does not restrict their use in any way. Wikipedia pages, including non-English language pages, are hosted on a server in the United States, so U.S. law governs whether a Wikipedia image is in the public domain.

What are public domain photos?

  • A public domain image is defined as a photo, clip art or vector whose copyright has expired or never existed in the first place. These images can be used by almost anyone for personal and commercial purposes.

What is Wikipedia image?

  • An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject—usually a physical object—and thus provides a depiction of it.

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