Is Carole Baxter still married?

Is Carole Baxter still married?

Is Carole Baxter still married?

Carole has been on the popular Scottish gardening programme ever since. It was renamed from The Beechgrove Gardens to Beechgrove Garden,when it moved to its present site in 1995/1996. After the retirement of Jim McColl in 2020 it became Beechgrove. ... Carole Baxter is married to Mike Baxter, who she met at university.

Where is the Beechgrove Garden located?

The Beechgrove Garden is situated on 3 acres of Scottish hillside, 7 miles west of Aberdeen. It's not easy growing here, but that makes us a good benchmark. If a plant can grow here, it can grow most places.

How do I contact Beechgrove Garden?

For specific gardening problems or questions, please contact our gardening agony aunt Evelyn Wood at [email protected]. It would be really helpful if you also tell us the area in which you live.

What has happened to Jim from Beechgrove Garden?

Jim McColl, 83, has hosted BBC Scotland's The Beechgrove Garden since the popular TV show began in 1978. He said his passion for gardening was undimmed but failing grip in his hands was one of the reasons for leaving now. ... Jim will announce his retirement when the latest show airs on the new BBC Scotland channel later.

Who is Kirsty Wilson?

Kirsty Wilson is a Gardener who was born in 1991 in Glasgow. Her love for gardening started at the age of 14 when she got her own vegetable patch and the use of a greenhouse.

What age is Carole Baxter?

The gardeners Jim McColl, 72, and Carole Baxter, 50, met in 1983 when Carole got a job as assistant to the head gardener of the Beechgrove Garden in Aberdeen. They have co-presented the BBC Scotland television programme about the garden for more than two decades.

Is Beechgrove open to the public?

Q: Is the Beechgrove Garden open to the public? A: No, the Beechgrove Garden is a private garden. However, a limited number of tours are given each year to gardening groups.

Where was Chris beardshaw born?

British Christopher Paul Beardshaw (born 11 January 1969) is a British garden designer, plantsman, author, speaker and broadcaster....External links.
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How much is Jim McColl worth?

He is a member of the Scottish Government's Scottish Council of Economic Advisers, and spends much of his spare time working on a Glasgow-based welfare-to-work programme. The 2017 edition of the Sunday Times Rich List estimated his fortune at £1.07 billion.

How old is Kirsty from Beechgrove?

28-year-old The 28-year-old, from Glasgow, studied Horticulture with Plantsmanship at SRUC, in Edinburgh, graduating with a first-class honours degree in 2013 – along with the prize for best dissertation.

Where is the Beechgrove Garden on the BBC?

  • The Beechgrove Garden is a gardening programme, which started on . It was inspired by the garden behind the home of WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, named the Victory Garden. The original plot of land used was the small area of garden attached to the BBC studios in Beechgrove Terrace, Aberdeen.

How big is the Beechgrove Garden in Skene?

  • Nestled across three acres of the hillside in Skene, the Beechgrove Garden is the television garden for the popular annual BBC series on gardening. Take a leisurely stroll around the Beechgrove Garden or sit back on an armchair to enjoy the picturesque vista of the garden while soaking under the sun.

Where is the Beechgrove potting shed in Scotland?

  • Beechgrove presenter and team working on the Vale View Garden project in Barrmill, North Ayrshire. The presenters on the programme included: A sister programme, The Beechgrove Potting Shed, was broadcast weekly on BBC Radio Scotland between 19.

Who are the sunshine boyos in the Beechgrove Garden?

  • Episodes were broadcast from the site in 1996. The show was once parodied in the BBC Scotland comedy sketch show Scotch and Wry, with Rikki Fulton as George Barron and Gregor Fisher as Jim McColl (dubbed the sunshine boyos) "growing" whisky.

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