Are B&Q and TradePoint the same?

Are B&Q and TradePoint the same?

Are B&Q and TradePoint the same?

You can purchase for click and collect or for delivery. TradePoint is the trade only arm of B&Q, offering a huge range of trusted brands.

Do B&Q employees get discount at Screwfix?

Screwfix and B&Q Discounts As a part of the Kingfisher group all of our colleagues get 20% off B&Q and Screwfix products.

Are B and Q and Screwfix the same company?

Screwfix is the United Kingdom's largest multi channel retailer of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. Founded in 1979 as the Woodscrew Supply Company, the company was acquired in July 1999 by Kingfisher plc, which also owns B&Q, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Where can you use your trade UK card?

The Trade UK account card is accepted at TradePoint, Screwfix, Electricfix, and Plumbfix. That means you can use your card at over 1000 locations nationwide. It costs nothing to apply and, if you're accepted and pay to terms, there's no charge for credit either!

Can you use B&Q vouchers at TradePoint?

The discount is applicable on practically every product across B&Q and TradePoint. ... Yes the discount will be applied automatically online when you make purchases using your TradePoint online account.

How much discount do tradesmen get at B&Q?

SafeContractor members can now enjoy 10% discount on practically every product at B&Q and TradePoint. Plus, there's no minimum spend!

How much do screwfix pay an hour?

259 Screwfix employees have taken the Breakroom survey. They told us the following about pay rates and more: People are not paid enough to live on. People are paid below market rates....What does Screwfix pay different age groups?
Age groupScrewfix pay per hour
25 and over£8.35–13.09

Is screwfix weekly or monthly pay?

5 answers. It's monthly on the last working day of each month......and often incorrect.

Is toolstation owned by Travis Perkins?

Toolstation is a multi-channel retailer of tools and building materials. It has more than 500 branches in the UK, 65 in the Netherlands and 23 in France. It was bought by Travis Perkins in 2014.

Can I use B and Q trade card online?

Your B&Q Club reward vouchers can be used when shopping in store and online. Some exclusions apply - including some promotions, the purchase of gift cards, orders made in store and delivery charges - check our B&Q discount voucher terms and conditions page.

Where can I get a Screwfix trade credit account?

  • The new Screwfix Trade Credit Account, brought to you by Trade UK, is a simple and efficient way of managing your business accounts. No matter what the job, your account makes managing your cash flow a whole lot easier. Apply today and get: Also online you can: Accepted at over 647 Screwfix locations and over 300 Trade Point locations and online.

Do you need trade UK card for Screwfix?

  • For store purchases you need to make sure you have your Trade UK card with you. Please ensure that you also bring a valid purchase order when visiting any Screwfix store and if you have one of our site cards then a purchase order will also be required when purchasing at TradePoint.

What can you do with a trade UK card?

  • A Trade UK card is a card that enables you to purchase goods and pay off the due balance every month. A TradePoint card is a discount card which gives you preferential trade prices on your purchases at B&Q and TradePoint stores and can be used in conjunction with your Trade UK card.

When did the Screwfix trade counters discussion start?

  • Discussion in ' Screwfix Trade Counters ' started by Hudson's Joinery, . ? Kicked off as I did ? Reported this to main office ? Or let it be ?

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