How often can you use a Theragun?

How often can you use a Theragun?

How often can you use a Theragun?

Whether it's to boost performance or recover from a hard workout, massage guns should be used in short sessions. Additionally, it's recommended to use them when needed between 2-3 times a day.

Can you use Theragun everyday?

"When it comes to recovery, I do think it's best to do it right after and to use it frequently. I recommend using it for at least two minutes on the muscles you think will be sore. And then other muscles you can spot treat for 30 seconds to one minute," Bankston said.

Can Theragun remove knots?

Fortunately, there's a quick remedy within reach; Theragun. This deep-muscle massage gun uses quick, permeating Percussive Therapy to target your trigger points, increase blood flow, and alleviate those agonizing knots.

How do you warm up a massage gun?

To use it, you simply aim it at your skin, about an inch away, and let it pulsate back and forth, relaxing muscles and promoting bloodflow in much the same way a vibrating foam roller does. It's easier to use than a foam roller though, and more natural. In theory, massage guns also offer a chance to modulate pain.

How often should I use theragun muscle treatment?

  • This depends on the area you’re treating and the length of each session. We recommend a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. For best results, Dr. Jason recommends 2-3 times per day for his patients.

Do you put the theragun on your body?

  • Turn on the Theragun without putting it on your body. That may seem like a minor thing, but it’s important for better control. And resting the Theragun on your muscle and then turning it on can be a little jarring. Rest the Theragun on your body. Don’t add any pressure.

How to use theragun for pain and stress?

  • For general tension, you can use the device on tense or tight muscles for two minutes to help you release stress. If you have a painful knot in a certain area, Theragun recommends working around the area with the dampener attachment, instead of directly on the knot.

How much pressure can you put on theragun?

  • The Theragun PRO can withstand (an almost unheard of) up to 60 lbs. of pressure without stalling. Finally, breathe, relax and let Theragun melt away your stress. Take deep breaths to let out all that tension. What Theragun is right for you?

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