Does sublimation work on dark fabric?

Does sublimation work on dark fabric?

Does sublimation work on dark fabric?

Sublimation can only be done on light colored polyester fabrics or poly coated items. There are two reasons that sublimation doesn't work on dark colors. ... Using this process on darker fabrics doesn't work because, although you can dye the darker fabrics with the ink, you won't be able to see the resulting design.

Can sublimation be done on color shirts?

Can you sublimate on colored shirts? The short answer, yes. ... Sublimation is a dye process and doesn't print white.

What color shirts can you use for sublimation?

white Thus, white is considered the best apparel color for sublimation, but you can print on light-colored garments, provided you don't need the color white within the image.

Can you sublimate on a black polyester shirt?

You can only use white or light colored polyester when doing dye sub on garments. In order to get a full-bodied black shirt, with your yellow and gray logo, you would have to dye sub the entire shirt (a white shirt) using a wide format printer and heat press.

What do you need to sublimate on dark colors?

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Why are my sublimation colors not bright?

Sublimation paper has a coated side which is the side that you print to. If you print on the wrong side of the paper your image will appear faded. Most papers have a watermark to designate which side to print on but for those that don't you want to print on the bright white side of the paper.

Can you sublimation A 50/50 shirt?

Sublimation will bond to blended shirts, though the colors will not be as bright as with 100% polyester. With a blend, the more polyester you have, the brighter the color, so with a 50/50 you typically end up with a “washed out” or “retro” look – which can be useful.

Can I sublimate on GREY shirt?

We recommend that you put sublimation on lighter color shirts. ... Remember sublimation does not include any WHITE INKS, so designs will only show on lighter colored shirts like pastels, light gray, tan, etc. You cannot apply our sublimation transfer to dark or black shirts.

How do you use sublimation ink on a dark shirt?

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What colors can you sublimate on?

  • White is preferable for colors to be their truest, but images are sublimated on fabric that is light grey, light blue, light pink and other light colors. One popular manufacturer of performance wear and t-shirts for sublimation is Vapor Apparel .

Can You sublimate on 100% cotton?

  • You cannot do sublimation on 100% cotton. Sublimation must be done on 100% polyester for the best results. You can use ChromaBlast ink on 100% cotton shirts. It is not exactly the same process as sublimation, but it is very similar, and can be done with special transfer paper...

What is sublimation T shirt printing?

  • Sublimation T-Shirts. Sublimation is a type of printing process that utilizes heat to transfer dye into fabric. Colors and images are dye- sublimated onto transfer paper. The transfer paper and fabric are processed with heat and pressure to dye the fabric. It is different from screen printing in that you are dying the fabric of the shirt,...

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