Who lived at St Margarets Bay?

Who lived at St Margarets Bay?

Who lived at St Margarets Bay?

Since the late 19th Century when St Margaret's started to become a fashionable resort for the wealthy, it has attracted many famous visitors and residents. Some of the best known are Ian Fleming and Noel Coward, Peter Ustinov and most recently, Miriam Margolyes.

Where did Ian Fleming live?

London MoscowOxfordshire Ian Fleming/Places lived

Where in Oxfordshire did Ian Fleming live?

Braziers Park, Ipsden, Oxfordshire Ian Fleming spent his earliest years at Braziers Park, a modest mansion near the village of Ipsden in south Oxfordshire. His parents, Valentine and Eve Fleming, bought the property in 1906 and lived there until 1914. Ian, born in 1908, would spend six years there. BE

Did Ian Fleming ever live in Kent?

Bond Author, Ian Fleming had a holiday home in Kent and when he wrote 'The spy story to end all spy stories' he drew inspiration locally – even the 007 tag came from the number of the London to Dover coach, now a National Express service.

Where in Kent did Noel Coward live?

Goldenhurst Farm (now Goldenhurst Manor and The Old House, Goldenhurst) is a country house of 17th century origins in the village of Aldington, Kent. From 19, it was the country home of Noël Coward.

What was Ian Fleming's house called?

Goldeneye Goldeneye is the original name of novelist Ian Fleming's estate on Oracabessa bay on the northern coastline of Jamaica. He bought 15 acres (6.1 ha) adjacent to the Golden Clouds estate in 1946 and built his home on the edge of a cliff overlooking a private beach.

Did Ian Fleming have a house in Tobago?

Fleming biographer Andrew Lycett stated, "Fleming did not have a house --let alone own an island--in Tobago." Zoe Watkins of Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., which Fleming's nieces run, said, "As far as we are aware, there is no link between Ian Fleming and Goat Island.

What was the name of Ian Fleming's house in Jamaica?

GoldenEye Resort The Fleming Villa: Luxury Villa, Where James Bond was Written, at GoldenEye Resort in Jamaica. where Fleming created Bond.

Did Ian Fleming live in Nettlebed?

Mr Fleming was extraordinarily generous to the villagers of Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, before his death in 1933. The Dundee-born financier, whose sprawling mansion, Joyce Grove, dominates the area, donated a cricket pavilion and social club to the villagers. BE

Who owns the Nettlebed estate?

It is owned by Sue Ryder National Charity which, until March 2020 operated its Nettlebed Palliative Care Facility at Joyce Grove at Nettlebed in Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire. Joyce Grove is located approximately 67 kilometres (42 mi) west of London.

Where did Ian Fleming live in Sandwich Kent?

  • In the 1950's and 60's Ian Fleming had a house in nearby St. Margaret's Bay, but he was a member of Royal St. George's Golf Club at Sandwich Bay and started playing there before the 2nd World War.

Where did Ian Fleming and Ann Rothermere live?

  • Ian Fleming had been a regular visitor to St Margaret’s Bay since 1948, when his friend and neighbour in Jamaica, Noël Coward, invited Ian and Ann Rothermere (they were to marry in 1952) to stay at his house in Kent and escape unwanted attention as they conducted their affair.

Why did Ian Fleming leave Royal St George's?

  • Fleming loved the serenity of the Kent course and he did not want enthusiastic Bond fans to flock to Sandwich and to change that for him. Fleming’s relationship with Royal St George’s continued until his sudden death in 1964, when he had been due to become Captain of the club.

Where was Ian Fleming's House in Moonraker located?

  • It is a sign of Ian Fleming’s affection for his beach house and the area that St Margaret’s Bay would appear in two of his books. His third James Bond novel, Moonraker, is largely set around Deal a few miles to the north, and St Margaret’s Bay is mentioned several times.

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