Did I say something wrong mean?

Did I say something wrong mean?

Did I say something wrong mean?

It can mean: Did I say something that hurt your feelings? Did I say something bad? Did I say something mean? It can also mean: did I make a mistake? (For example: did I make any grammar mistakes?)

What did I say or what have I said?

"What did I say" is equivalent to "what was that one specific thing I said." This is the reason that "what have I said" is not used if a person wants the answer to "what was the specific thing I said that offended you."

Did I say something wrong in Hindi meaning?

अगर मैं कुछ गलत कहा हो

Did you hear or do you hear?

In your example, both are correct. American speakers might be more likely to use "Did you hear" whereas British speakers might prefer "Have you heard...". In other contexts there is a nice difference: We use the present perfect when the finished action is relevant to the present.

Did I say something wrong or have I said?

The right answer is: Did I say something wrong? We should not use said (past tense) with did. Therefor the right use will be “Did I say something wrong”.

When to use'did I do something wrong'in a sentence?

  • You can say either as a complete sentence. You have to use “Did I do something wrong” when it’s followed by a subordinate clause. So, Did I do something wrong when I agreed to ship the package next day. - CORRECT. Have I done something wrong when I agreed to….

Is it correct to say Have I done something wrong?

  • Although it is perfectly grammatically correct to ask “Have I done something wrong?”, it would sound a bit formal for casual conversation.

Can You recover from saying something you shouldn't have?

  • In fact, I’m a prime example: No matter how hard I strive to be tactful in professional settings, I always seem to find a way to embarrass myself or put my foot in my mouth. And while it never becomes less horrifying to realize you’ve said or done something you shouldn’t have, don’t worry—you can recover.

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