What did I say definition?

What did I say definition?

What did I say definition?

It means "what did I say?" It's in the sense of: what did I say that offended or upset Charlie (or brought something to his attention that he hadn't considered) and so prompted him (Charlie) to leave abruptly. D. BE

What I said or what did I say?

"What did I say" is equivalent to "what was that one specific thing I said." This is the reason that "what have I said" is not used if a person wants the answer to "what was the specific thing I said that offended you." BE

Who said that VS who did say that?

"Who said that?" is fine. "Who did say that?" is emphatic, and it seems to be a reaction to a denial, such as "It wasn't me who said that". Okay, maybe you didn't say that - so who did say it? BE

Would say VS said?

Just as "would say" is past tense of "will say", "would have said" is past tense of "will have said". BE

What I was saying meaning?

As I was saying: To return to what I said; Like I have already mentioned. idiom. As I was saying the other day, this meeting is extremely important.

What does Sayer mean?

One who says; one who makes announcements; a crier. noun.

What did she say or what she said?

'What does she say' can mean what she generally says or thinks about a particular situation and not just at a particular time in the past; whereas 'What did she say' refers to a specific point of time in the past which you're referring to. BE

Should I use said or says?

“Says” is the present tense for the word “say,” and “said” is the past tense for the word “say.” ... “Says” is used for the simple present tense which shows an action which is habitual, and “said” is used for the simple past tense which may or may not be used with an adverb of time.

What does would say mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English I would sayused for giving your opinion even though other people may not agree I'd say he was jealous. → sayExamples from the CorpusI would say Offhand, I would say a company director. Well organized, a nice grasp of social interplay.

What's the difference between did say and did say?

  • The difference is that 'did say' adds emphasis or confirmation, for example if the 'guys' had expressed doubt or surprise that you said that, or you had not been sure whether you had said it. Further emphasis could be provided by preceding 'did' with an adverb such as really, actually or definitely.

What does it mean when someone says what did I say?

  • “What did I say?” has a completely different meaning. It is used when you notice the other person reacting in a strange way, and that question really means “You're reacting strangely, I think this is due to something I said, please explain to me which of my words caused you to react like this and why.”

What's the meaning of Ray Charles song what'd I say?

  • Ray Charles "What'd I Say" is an ode to a lady whose physical attributes, specifically in terms of dancing and lovemaking, has the singer hooked.

When to use do you mean or Did you mean?

  • Questions that start with "do you mean...." are rather used when you are unsure what the other person meant, not really when you didn't hear what was said. Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?

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