What happens if you struck a nerve?

What happens if you struck a nerve?

What happens if you struck a nerve?

Nerves are fragile and can be damaged by pressure, stretching, or cutting. Injury to a nerve can stop signals to and from the brain, causing muscles not to work properly, and a loss of feeling in the injured area.

What does it mean to hit a raw nerve?

Definition of touch/strike/hit a raw nerve : to hurt or upset a person or people The article touched/struck/hit a raw nerve.

Did I pluck a nerve there meaning?

Struck a nerve = upset someone; strongly and suddenly affected by a comment or action.

What means get on my nerves?

: to become extremely annoying to someone That car alarm is getting on my nerves.

What does it feel like to hit a nerve?

Most people suffering from nerve damage in the hands complain of tingling, numbness, and even a burning sensation. Other symptoms of nerve damage to the hands include: weakness. numbness.

Do damaged nerves ever heal?

Your nerves have an ability to heal and regenerate even once they have been damaged, assuming that they have been properly repaired.

Did I pick a nerve there?

Definition of 'touch a raw nerve' If you say that you have touched a nerve or touched a raw nerve, you mean that you have accidentally upset someone by talking about something that they feel strongly about or are very sensitive about. Alistair saw Henry shrink, as if the words had touched a nerve.

What is the meaning of faddish?

Definitions of faddish. adjective. intensely fashionable for a short time. synonyms: faddy fashionable, stylish. being or in accordance with current social fashions.

What is the sentence of get on my nerves?

He is getting on my nerves. It used to get on my nerves when I saw someone sleeping during the working hours. Whenever I go to study my younger sister starts getting on my nerves by crying so loud. I saw your best friend usually gets on your nerves, but you never resist her.

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