Can I put a movie quote on a shirt?

Can I put a movie quote on a shirt?

Can I put a movie quote on a shirt?

If it is physically tangible and has been put down in writing it will be protected under copyright law. This includes quotes from books, films, TV programmes or speeches. ... Some quotes may also be trademarked — so make sure you do a thorough search before using it for commercial use. BE

Can I quote a line from a movie in my book?

You DON'T need permission: To quote or reference the title or author of a work such as books, poems, movies, TV shows or songs. ... Shorter quotes, references and paraphrasing is usually ok without permission. Copying large amounts of a story or study, however, may require permission from the writer or publisher. BE

Do you need permission to quote a movie?

Are quotes considered intellectual property and if so, would I need legal permission to use one? As a general rule, if you have to ask “do I need legal permission,” the answer is almost certainly yes.

Do you need permission to use quotes from movies?

A: Lines from movies are, in most cases, neither protected by copyright nor in the public domain. ... In fact, lines spoken by characters in films need to sound “real”, and real people don't speak in such carefully constructed phrases as to warrant copyright protection. BE

Can I sell shirts with TV quotes?

Don't use a quote on a T-shirt if: Just to be safe, don't quote anything characters say on anything scripted like movies, TV shows and plays or if it's a literary work like a novel or poem. The only exception, like we mentioned above, would be if the copyright has expired. BE

Should movie titles be in quotes?

  • Quotation Marks in Titles. The rules for quotation marks around titles vary depending on which style guide you follow. In general, you should italicize the titles of long works, like books, movies, or record albums. Use quotation marks for the titles of shorter pieces of work: poems, articles, book chapters, songs, T.V. episodes, etc.

Do you put course title in quotes?

  • In running text, use roman type, capitalize, and use quotation marks around the titles of lectures, book chapters, articles, papers and other conference presentations, blog entries, most poems, speeches, songs and other shorter musical compositions, and TV or radio show episodes. Do not enclose headlines or course titles in quotation marks.

Are film titles in quotes?

  • In AP style, movie titles are placed in quotes. Note that the normal rules for quotes within quotes still apply. Here are two examples: "Star Wars" broke box office records when it was first released. "I am excited to work on any film as complex as 'The Prestige,'" he said.

Do you need to underline movie titles?

  • In APA, MLA and Chicago styles, film or movie titles are formatted the same. In each of these styles, you should not underline movie titles – instead, they should be written in italics in the body of the text.

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