Did I do or say something wrong?

Did I do or say something wrong?

Did I do or say something wrong?

The right answer is: Did I say something wrong? We should not use said (past tense) with did. Therefor the right use will be “Did I say something wrong”. Here the accuracy of the use of auxiliary and principal verb is maintained as well as subject verb agreement is accurately mentioned.

Is there something wrong or is there anything wrong?

Here's the source. In your examples, "Is there something wrong" probably implies you feel something might be wrong and want to confirm with others while "Is there anything wrong" is just a general inquiry whether anything is wrong at all.

Is there something wrong means?

If you say there is something wrong, you mean there is something unsatisfactory about the situation, person, or thing you are talking about.

Are there anything or is there anything?

"Anything" is treated as singular in English, so use "is there anything."

When to use'did I do something wrong'in a sentence?

  • You can say either as a complete sentence. You have to use “Did I do something wrong” when it’s followed by a subordinate clause. So, Did I do something wrong when I agreed to ship the package next day. - CORRECT. Have I done something wrong when I agreed to….

Can You Say Something is wrong but is there anything wrong?

  • We can say Something is wrong, but we can't say * Anything is wrong. (2) Only anything is used in negative statements. We can say I don’t know anything about it, but we can’t say * I don’t know something about it. (3) Both can normally be used in questions, but there are exceptions and nuances.

What's the difference between " would you like something to drink " and " something?

  • "Would you like something to drink" is likely to be heard in a bar where you are expected to order something to drink while "Would you like anything to drink" might just mean you want to know if a person is thirsty or not. Furthermore, something indicates finiteness while anything doesn't place any restriction on the scope or quantity.

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