Did you watch or have you watched?

Did you watch or have you watched?

Did you watch or have you watched?

The two common wordings are did you watch and have you seen. Did you watch generally takes a time frame or some other constraint. For example: Did you watch Avengers last night?

Is it watched or watched?

Past tense without "have" is more plain. It doesn't give much information other than that something happened. So "I watched TV" doesn't focus on the experience , and it doesn't tell us whether you're still watching TV.

Is it correct to say have you watched?

Both are grammatically correct and both are suitable formats for the question. There is NO difference in meaning between the two words in this particular context; 'watched' does NOT connote that you paid more attention to the movie than 'seen' does.

What did I see or what I just saw?

You can say either "I just saw" (past simple) or "I've just seen" (present perfect); there isn't much difference in meaning between them, since in any case, "just" fixes the time of the event to the recent past. There's a slight difference in emphasis, but in most cases, expressions like: "I just saw the movie."

Have you watched meaning?

Have you watched it? "Have you seen it?" implies "ever', and might be used during the initial recommendation: It's a great video.

Did you check or have you checked?

The tense of "did you checked" is incorrect, so use "have you checked."

Is it watched or have watched?

Usage Rule: "Had watched" means it happened before a certain point in time (which is either mentioned outright or is implied). "Have watched" means it happened before now.

Have you been watched or watched?

'Have watched' is the only option which makes sense. Basically, the 'have been Ving' pattern is used to show a continuous action from the past up to the present. You can say "I have been watching this game for 3 hours." if you are still watching it now.

How do you reply to Have you seen this?

Strictly, the questioner should have asked "have you?", but faced with a grammatically incorrect question the strictly correct answer would be "yes I have".

Have you seen the movie meaning in Hindi?

मैंने यह फिल्में पहले ही देख ली हैं

Is it correct to say,'Did you watch the movie?

  • So we say “Did you watch XYZ yesterday?” and “Yes, I watched XYZ yesterday.” (we add the -ed only when not using “did”). The simple past “I watched the movie?” or “Did you watch the movie?” (interrogative simple past) requires some stated or implied time period (or, in other contexts, point in time)

Is there a way to track what shows you have watched on Netflix?

  • For the most part, this is great but can make keeping track of the shows you have watched harder than it could be. That is until you discover Recently Watched. Netflix has minimal tracking but one thing it tracks is what you watch and when.

Do you use past tense when asking if someone has seen a movie?

  • When we’re asking if someone has ever seen a movie, any movie (or more likely, a particular movie), then we don’t typically use past tenses at all. We use the present perfect. “Have you seen Terminator ?”.

What happens when you clear your recently watched titles on Netflix?

  • Clearing your Recently Watched titles in Netflix is like starting over. It’s a reset that stops the service showing you all the things it thinks you want to watch and instead provides a much wider spectrum of titles. It’s sometimes refreshing to do and surprising at just how much you’re missing when Netflix thinks it knows better!

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