Did you find or have you found?

Did you find or have you found?

Did you find or have you found?

The simple past: "Did you find the papers?" The present perfect simple: "Have you found the papers?" The use of the simple past: This past time describes, in particular, that the described act or state took place at one particular time in the past. BE

Should I use find or found?

If you presume they have already looked at the list, use "found". If you would like them to review the list, but they haven't done so, use "find". BE

What I found or I have found?

Simple past (i found) refers to actions beginning and ending in the past, without effects in present time. Present perfect (i have found) refers to actions beginning in the past and having an effect still today. BE

What is the difference between have you and did you?

Have you is used in interrogative sentences. So, is did you. Have you is usually used in the second person. So is the case with did you. BE

How did you find out meaning?

find out about (something) This means to learn about something for the first time. It also carries the sense that you have discovered something that other people might not know about. This band is awesome! How did you find out about them?

Is find and found the same?

'Find' is the present simple, 'found' is the past simple and the past participle. BE

Which is correct " I did find out " or'i did found out'?

  • “I did find out” is the correct statement. ‘Did’ here conveys the past tense, and you need not use the past tense of find here. Ans. Both are correct with a different meaning if you are translating into other languages like Hindi. I did find out, means some had found out oneself. (मैंने पता किया, I did know)

When to use find out or find out something?

  • You can find out something about someone, some place, etc. You usually find out something by doing research or from someone else. We use find out + [something]. The the usual grammar is find out + [noun phrase] and find out + [subject/verb]. Find out is a phrasal verb, and the past tense is found out.

What is the meaning of the word found?

  • 1. Find (s) — finding —found —- found are the tense making forms mean to notice, come across, obseve etc like. He founded an old age home in the village. / I found a one hundred rupee note on the road.

Which is more popular, I did find or I did found?

  • I did find is the most popular phrase on the web. More popular! I did find a fleck embedded in her skin. I did find a little inner peace. And even if I did find him, I couldn't save him. I did find some dirt on Mr. Perez. What I did find, though, is an unusually high number of disorderly conduct and public intox.

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