Why did Hurley never lose weight in Lost?

Why did Hurley never lose weight in Lost?

Why did Hurley never lose weight in Lost?

The most obvious answer is that Hugo and the other LOST crash victims were dead the whole time, so naturally he wouldn't have lost any weight.

Does Hurley get thinner?

"Hurley's inability to lose any significant weight, like many other things on the island, is shrouded in mystery. That mystery, however, will be definitively solved during February sweeps . . . well, as definitively as anything ever gets solved on 'Lost,' anyway."

What happened to Hurley on Lost?

Hurley was found innocent and released from prison where he was convinced by a man to return to the Island. He boarded Ajira Flight 316 and was flashed to 1977 where he worked in the kitchen for the DHARMA Initiative. After the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, he time traveled to his original timeline.

How much weight did Jorge Garcia lose on Lost?

After following the diet and workout plan, Jorge Garcia lost over 100 pounds from his initial weight of 400 lbs.

Is Jorge Garcia married?

Jorge Garcia (born Ap) is an American actor and comedian....
Jorge Garcia
Alma materUniversity of California, Los Angeles
OccupationActor, voice actor, comedian
Years active1997–present
Spouse(s)Rebecca Birdsall (m. 2019)

What happened to Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia, AKA "Jerry Ortega", has left the crime series. ... The actor is now devoting himself to new projects and has to leave his role of "Jerry Ortega" behind for the time being. But fans can get excited for 2020, as he will actually star in two new movies according to his IMDb profile.

Did Jorge Garcia have weight loss surgery?

So, even though he shed some pounds in time for the filming of Lost, he still had close to 400 pounds. Many fans speculate that he had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. But the reality is different. Garcia went to work and thanks to a rigorous exercising routine and healthy diet, he managed to slim down.

Who is the fat guy in Lost?

Jorge Garcia is an American actor and comedian. He made a big name for himself for his performance as Hector Lopes in the television series, Becker in 1998. Later, in 2004, he really came to the public's attention when he portrayed Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in another television series Lost.

Does Hurley survive in Lost?

Everyone dies, just not at the same time – No doubt, the producers must have been tempted to kill everyone off in the finale. ... Of the main characters, Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Michael, Locke, Sun, Jin, Sayid, and Jack die and Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Rose, and Bernard live (for now).

Is Hurley schizophrenia Lost?

Hurley suffers from some form of delusional schizophrenia. He sees people, but he doesn't imagine events.

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