Did Shaq leave shaunie for Hoopz?

Did Shaq leave shaunie for Hoopz?

Did Shaq leave shaunie for Hoopz?

Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal's marriage ended on a very sour note, and Shaunie claims she left the former NBA star because he had been unfaithful.

Who is hoops that dated Shaq?

In 2010, Shaq began dating Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

Who is Shaq O Neal's wife?

Shaunie O'Nealm. 2002–2011 Shaquille O'Neal/Wife

Why did Hoopz and Shaq breakup?

There is no real confirmation as to what led to the breakup, but sources are blaming a fight the two had outside an Orlando gym. Sources report that the two tried to gain entry into Orlando Metro Gymnastics but were denied admission because Hoopz, who was seeking training, was too old for the school.

Where is Nicole Alexander now?

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander She had a brief relationship with Shaquille O'Neal and starred in 2010's Ghetto Stories and 2015's It Takes a Sister. Additionally, she has her own fitness line, Hoopz Fit, and manages her own boutique, Heaven on Earth.

What does Hoopz do for a living?

Actor Model Nicole Alexander/Professions

Is Shaquille O'Neal currently married?

Shaunie O'Nealm. 2002–2011 Shaquille O'Neal/Spouse

Who is Shaunie Oneal dating 2021?

Pastor Keion Henderson Shaunie O'Neal Has Found Love Again: 'You've Become My Safe Place' The TV producer introduced new beau Pastor Keion Henderson saying, "During a time where I had given up on finding a soulmate, God sent you." Shaunie O'Neal has someone special in her life and she's decided to share that, and him, with the world.

Does Shaq own Zales jewelry store?

The former NBA big man is a regular in Atlanta's Zales stores, where he has his own jewelry line. Turner Sports is headquartered in Atlanta, where Shaq films “Inside the NBA” in its regular Studio J hub.

Who was Shaq married to before Ilonzeh and Hoopz?

  • Prior to Ilonzeh and Hoopz, he was married to Shaunie Nelson. Together the couple gave birth to four children. Around a decade ago, Shaunie filed for the divorce but later they somehow manage to rekindle.

Who is the woman that Shaq is dating?

  • Let start this piece of writing with the current dating status of great basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who is also known as Shaq. At present, he is neither married nor single but having a relationship with Annie Ilonzeh. From the last one year, these are together.

Who is the girlfriend of Shaquille O Neal?

  • Shaq Current Girlfriend: Yes, she is Annie Ilonzeh. Is Shaquille O’Neal Married in the Past? Yes. Ex-Wife: Shaunie Nelson.

Who is Nicole " Hoopz " Alexander in real life?

  • Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander has been in the public eye for the last decade–scouted in an airport for the pioneer of wild reality TV show on VH1, Flavor of Love, and later appearing on I Love Money. In most recent years, she was more notably known for her public and candid relationship with NBA vet, Shaquille O'Neal.

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