What does Flaker mean?

What does Flaker mean?

What does Flaker mean?

: one that flakes: such as. a : a person that produces flint flakes for striking fire or that manufactures flaked stone implements. b : a worker who places cleaned fish on flakes for drying.

What does flaking on someone mean?

n. An unreliable person; someone who agrees to do something, but never follows through. 1. John called in sick to work again today. He's such a flake.

What does flexing mean slang?

Flex. Shutterstock. We all know the term "flex" in the context of flexing a muscle, but this metaphorical slang term applies that same spirit to anything you might want to flaunt — most often status. To flex is to show off, and as a noun, a flex is a specific instance of showing off.

What does flake mean in history?

In archaeology, a flake tool is a type of stone tool that was used during the Stone Age that was created by striking a flake from a prepared stone core.

What is an oat Flaker?

This beautifully designed German Oat flaker presses whole oat groats between stone wheels to make flaked oats. These can then be used for making oatmeal, granola or in baked goods. Or eaten plain! They taste like oatmeal cookies right out of the flaker. And it is so easy to use.

What is a Flaker mill?

Our Flaker Mill makes the process of flaking your own barley, granola, cereals and other grains; rolling grains for cereal or beer making; or cracking grains for your animal feed simple and satisfying.

What does flaky mean in a relationship?

Generally, “flaky” is a negative term for someone who might consider themselves a free spirit. Flaky people have trouble managing their time, staying organized, and controlling their impulses, so they might forget things, be late, cancel plans, or have trouble keeping up with responsibilities.

What does it mean if a guy flakes on you?

It might not feel like it at the time, but it really is. When a guy flakes on you because he's pursuing easier women to sleep with, he's freeing up your time and your emotional energy to be with an actual high-value man. Guys who are only going for easy women are the bottom feeders of the dating world.

What is flexing on social media?

Although flexing most commonly refers to showing off material possessions and wealth, it can manifest in a number of ways. You may flex your social status or the number of people you're friends with, how much you travel, your physique, or how successful or intelligent you are.

Is flexing good or bad?

It's not necessarily bad to flex your stomach or abdominal muscles all day, but there are probably more effective ways to strengthen this area. Also, people sometimes hold their breath while flexing, so flexing all day could disrupt your normal breathing patterns.

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