Did they know Mulan was a girl?

Did they know Mulan was a girl?

Did they know Mulan was a girl?

In the Chinese legend, however, her identity is never “discovered.” She spent 12 years fighting alongside a group of male soldiers and was never found out. After being honored by the emperor and finally returning home, she at least reveals her true identity as Hua Mulan.

Is Honghui in love with Mulan?

Rather, his role would essentially be divided between two original characters: Commander Tung and fellow soldier Chen Honghui. Honghui is in essence the main love interest of Mulan, with the character expressing interest in Mulan as both a fellow companion and a potential romantic partner.

Why was Li Shang removed from Mulan?

Li Shang was a popular character in the original "Mulan," and many people considered him bisexual since he was clearly drawn to Mulan while she presented as a male soldier named Ping. However, the character was cut from Disney's live-action remake. The producer Jason Reed cited the #MeToo movement as the reason.

How did they find out that Mulan was a girl?

In the animation, Mulan is injured in battle after saving Li Shang. When the doctor checks her over it becomes clear she's a woman. In the 2020 movie, Mulan chooses to reveal herself. She attempts to tell Commander Tung earlier in the movie but he gets in there first, promising to match her with his daughter.

How did Shang Li find out Mulan was a girl?

Shang is caught in the avalanche but is saved by Ping. After Shang recovers, he thanks Ping and accepts "him" as a trusted friend. However, while Ping is receiving treatment (due to a slash wound "he" received from Shan Yu), it is discovered that "he" is a woman named Mulan.

Who falls in love with Mulan?

Mulan's commanding officer is General Tung and her new love interest is Chen Honghui, a fellow soldier. Her relationship with the general is more akin to one between a mentor and a prodigy, with General Tung encouraging her to cultivate her skills and Mulan almost confessing her secret to him out of guilt.

What happens with Mulan and Chen Honghui?

Later, during training, the two are paired to duel each other. In the beginning, Honghui disarms Mulan twice. However, as Mulan starts to use her strength more, their duel becomes more serious, as they are shown to be evenly matched.

Why was Mulan 2020 so bad?

The short explanation: the film abuses human rights, regurgitates current nationalistic myths, grossly appropriates one of China's most beloved characters, and fails both Eastern and Western viewers alike. ... Put crudely, “Mulan” is an Americanized celebration of Chinese nationalism.

Why did they change so much in Mulan?

The team behind the new movie explained the change was down to the #MeToo movement – they felt Mulan's officer becoming her love interest felt a bit off given his position of power. The fan pushback was largely down to the view Li Shang is a bisexual icon as he falls for Mulan before she reveals her true identity.

Does Mulan get exposed?

In the new movie, she's hit by one of Xianniang's throwing stars. But in the animated movie, she's slashed by Shan Yu's blade, which ultimately leads to her being stripped in the medical tent and revealed as a woman. One of the most dramatic moments in Mulan's story is when her secret is revealed.

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