Where did Henry Croft live?

Where did Henry Croft live?

Where did Henry Croft live?

We joined the Pearlies of Kings Cross and St Pancras to dedicate a plaque to Henry Croft, who lived at 15 Charles Road (now Phoenix Street) in London.

Where is Henry Croft buried?

Islington & St Pancras Cemetery, London, United Kingdom Henry Croft/Place of burial

Does anyone live in Henry Crofts House?

The house was occupied, but no one lived there. That's how Malcolm Crow thought about it. Houses like the Croft place were never really empty. Like most of the kids in Pine Deep, Crow knew that there were ghosts.

Was Henry Croft a real person?

Henry Croft (Janu — J) was an Australian-born lumber and mining magnate on Vancouver Island from the 1880s to 1900s. Born in Australia, Croft moved to England at a young age and was educated there.

When was Croft Castle built?

Croft Castle is a lovely late 16th or early 17th-century stately home built on the remains of a 14th-century medieval castle. The medieval fortress was destroyed by Parliamentary troops in 1645, but the rectangular Jacobean house survived.

Why is Henry Croft famous?

Henry Croft ( — 1 January 1930) was a road sweeper in London and founder of the working class tradition of Pearly Kings and Queens.

What is the origin of the Pearly Kings and Queens?

The tradition of Pearly Kings and Queens originated in 19th Century Victorian London. They evolved from Coster Kings and Queens, who were elected as leaders of London's street traders, Costermongers, costard being an apple, monger being a seller.

Who built Croft Castle?

The hillfort near Croft Castle (known as Croft Ambrey) was probably built by the Dobunni tribe in the mid-Iron Age. Built with two principal entrances it enclosed an area of approximately 32 acres.

Does anyone live at Croft Castle?

Carol Compton is the first cousin of Bernard, 3rd Lord Croft, and has lived at Croft Castle for many years....Private rooms on show at Croft Castle.
Croft Castle private rooms open
Venue NameCroft Castle
Infoline01568 780141
General01568 780246
fax:01568 780462

What pearly means?

1 : resembling, containing, or adorned with pearls or mother-of-pearl. 2 : highly precious.

Who was Henry Croft and what did he do?

  • Henry Croft was a member of Victoria-Columbia Lodge No. 1 in Victoria. He was a leading mining engineer who developed lumber mills and mines on Vancouver Island. The town of Crofton is named for him. This photo of Henry Croft appeared in his newspaper obituary, July 1917.

Who was the founder of Crofton British Columbia?

  • Crofton was founded in 1902 by Henry Croft, who owned the nearby copper mine in Mt. Sicker. He built a smelter on the coast and exported the refined copper. The residue left over from the smelter blackened the local beaches, and the small glass particles often stuck to people's feet and hands.

Where is Henry Croft buried in Victoria BC?

  • He is survived by, besides his widow, one sister and three brothers. The funeral will be held on Tuesday afternoon, leaving “Mount Adelaide” at about I o’clock. Services will take place at 3 o’clock in Christ Church Cathedral. Henry Croft is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

When was the first school in Crofton built?

  • The first Crofton school was a one-room school house built in 1905 on two full lots donated by Henry Croft himself. The original school continued to serve the town until 1950, when it became an annex classroom to the newly built elementary school adjacent.

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