Does George Lopez give his dad a kidney?

Does George Lopez give his dad a kidney?

Does George Lopez give his dad a kidney?

But he couldn't stop thinking about it, and even created an episode where his character's father, who had run out on him, had the condition. In the episode, Lopez's character volunteered to donate a kidney to him -- but his fictional father died before it could be done.

Would you like a drumstick or a kidney cast?


  • George Lopez. George.
  • Constance Marie. Angie.
  • Belita Moreno. Benny.
  • Masiela Lusha. Carmen.
  • Luis Armand Garcia. Max.
  • Valente Rodriguez. Ernie.
  • William Márquez. Manny.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips. George L.

What episode does George Lopez punch dad?

Read all. When George's father Manny sends him a check for $20,000 to pay off his debt, George and the family take a trip out to Phoenix to meet his father for the first time in 36 years however he punches him and storms out.

Who is George Lopez ex wife?

  • Ann Serrano, George Lopez's Ex-Wife, To Receive Half Of Actor's Retirement Earnings In Divorce Settlement. Taking into account his stand-up specials, talk show and sitcom payouts, George Lopez has got to be worth a serious amount of cash. And now a huge chunk of his retirement earnings will be going to ex-wife Ann Serrano.

Is George Lopez married?

  • George Lopez Married Relationship. The Mexican-American Actor George Lopez is currently single and not dating anyone. However, the 57-year-old actor and comedian, George previously remained in a married to his wife Ann Serrano . Accordingly, the duo met in 1990 and fell in love with each other.

When did George Lopez get divorced?

  • George Lopez and Ann Serrano Lopez were married for 16 years. They dated for 8 months after getting together in 1993 and married on 18th Sep 1993. 16 years later they divorced in 2011.

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