Did Homelander kill Billy Butcher wife?

Did Homelander kill Billy Butcher wife?

Did Homelander kill Billy Butcher wife?

Butcher believed that Becca had been raped by Homelander and that she had been killed to cover up the crime. However, it was revealed in The Boys season 1 finale that Becca was alive and well, raising Homelander's son in a secret location.

What happened butchers wife?

In the comics, Butcher is set on his path of hatred and destruction by the death of his wife. ... In the Amazon series, Butcher's wife, Becca, is thought to be dead. She disappeared — either abandoned her life out of shame and killed herself or was permanently silenced by Vought — after she was raped by Homelander.

Did Homelander kill Madeline?

The shocking ending of The Boys Season 1 saw Homelander kill Madelyn Stillwell -- who was responsible for managing The Seven -- after discovering she'd been hiding a son from him.

Did Becca cheat on Butcher with Homelander?

Butcher believes that Homelander raped and murdered his wife, Becca (Shantel VanSanten). During the season one finale, it's revealed that was only half right; Becca was raped but ended up having a son by Homelander and was spirited away by Vought.

Did Butcher's wife sleep with Homelander?

When The Boys begins, Billy Butcher's overarching motivation is pure vengeance. Homelander, the world's top superhero, raped Butcher's wife Becca and she went missing shortly after, assumed to have either taken her own life or been killed by her attacker.

Why did Homelander kill Madelyn Stillwell?

Madelyn offered that with her strange pseudosexual Madonna act, but — as Homelander discovered in season 1 — it was all a lie. Homelander didn't just kill Madelyn because she lied to him about Ryan; he killed her because she revealed to him that her maternal act toward him had been just that — an act.

Does Homelander kill stillwells baby?

During The Boys Season 1 finale, Madelyn Stillwell was killed. ... But after killing Madelyn, Homelander took Butcher to see Becca and that was it. We never got to know what happened to Madelyn's baby, except that the baby was 17 miles away completely safe.

Why did Homelander keep Butcher alive for so long?

  • In the end, she has very few options to stop Homelander and no emotional leverage except Ryan. So, this deal works more like a threat he can use to force her to comply with his demands. Another reason Homelander might’ve kept Butcher alive is simply because he enjoys humiliating him.

How is Becca Butcher different from Homelander on the boys?

  • Contrary to her husband's vengeful and distrustful personality, Becca is a very compassionate and caring, especially to her son. Throughout Season 2, Becca has done a lot to raise Ryan as a normal child, unlike Homelander, who only wants to train him to use his abilities.

Who is Billy Butcher's wife Becca Saunders Butcher?

  • Rebecca Saunders "Becca" Butcher is the wife of Billy Butcher, former employee of Vought International. She disappeared on January 24th, 2012, leaving her family to believe she was dead. Becca was the Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Vought International, working to create more publicity through Vought's social media pages.

Why does Homelander visit the boys season 2?

  • In The Boys Season 2's first three episodes, Homelander regularly visits Becca and Ryan, his son. This makes Becca incredibly uncomfortable, though, as Homelander wants to insert himself in his son's life and help the boy see himself as more than human.

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