What famous songs did Hoagy Carmichael write?

What famous songs did Hoagy Carmichael write?

What famous songs did Hoagy Carmichael write?

Carmichael went on to write such hits as ''I Get Along Without You Very Well,'' ''Rockin' Chair,'' ''Memphis in June'' and ''The Nearness of You. '' He won the Academy Award for best movie song in 1951 for ''In the Cool, Cool of the Evening,'' from ''Here Comes the Groom. ''

Who wrote the lyrics to Stardust?

Mitchell Parish Stardust/Lyricists

Who wrote song heart and soul?

Hoagy Carmichael Frank Loesser Heart and Soul/Composers

What is Hoagy Carmichael famous for?

Hoagy Carmichael, byname of Hoagland Howard Carmichael, (born Novem, Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.—died Decem, Rancho Mirage, California), American composer, singer, self-taught pianist, and actor who wrote several of the most highly regarded popular standards in American music.

Who wrote blue skies?

Irving Berlin Rodolphe Burger Blue Skies/Composers

Who first sang Stardust?

Stardust (1927 song)
LabelGennett Records
Composer(s)Hoagy Carmichael
Hoagy Carmichael and His Pals singles chronology

Who sang Stardust originally?

Hoagy Carmichael Stardust/Artists

Did Nat King Cole write Stardust?

Artists including Jo Stafford, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Billy Ward and his Dominoes, Ringo Starr, and Willie Nelson have recorded "Stardust"....Stardust (1927 song)
PublishedJanu by Mills Music, Inc.
ReleasedOctober 1928

Who was original singer of heart and soul?

"Heart and Soul" is a popular song composed by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Frank Loesser. It charted with different artists between 19....Heart and Soul (Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael song)
"Heart and Soul"
Song by Larry Clinton & his Orchestra, with Bea Wain
Lyricist(s)Frank Loesser

Who first sang Heart Soul?

Bea Wain Heart and Soul/Artists

What kind of music did Hoagy Carmichael sing?

  • Hoagland Howard " Hoagy " Carmichael (Novem – Decem) was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. American composer and author Alec Wilder described Carmichael as the "most talented, inventive, sophisticated and jazz-oriented of all the great craftsmen" of pop songs in the first half...

When did Hoagy Carmichael write Georgia on my mind?

  • Carmichael composed and recorded " Georgia on My Mind " (lyrics by Stuart Gorrell) in 1930. The song became another jazz staple, as well as a pop standard, especially after World War II. Carmichael also arranged and recorded " Up a Lazy River " in 1930, a tune by Sidney Arodin.

When did Hoagy Carmichael publish his second memoir?

  • Carmichael's second memoir, Sometimes I Wonder: The Story of Hoagy Carmichael, was published in 1965. By 1967 he was spending time in New York, but his new songs were unsuccessful and his musical career came to a close.

What was the name of Hoagy Carmichael's mother?

  • Hoagland Howard “Hoagy” Carmichael was born in 1899 in Bloomington, Indiana. His mother, Lida Mary, was a talented pianist, and she encouraged Hoagy to play and sing from an early age. Aside from some lessons from the jazz pianist Reginald DuValle, he was otherwise musically self-taught.

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