How old is Hilma Klint?

How old is Hilma Klint?

How old is Hilma Klint?

81 years (1862–1944) Hilma af Klint/Age at death

Why did Hilma af Klint hide her paintings?

There were some practical reasons for why af Klint's work wasn't widely exhibited for years. Before she died in 1944, she stipulated that her work couldn't be shown for 20 years and made it clear that many of her paintings couldn't be sold individually.

What did Hilma af Klint believe?

Hilma af Klint assumed that there was a spiritual dimension to life and aimed at visualizing contexts beyond what the eye can see. When painting, she believed that she was in contact with a higher consciousness that spoke and conveyed messages through her.

How long of a period after her death did Hilma want to wait for the paintings to be exhibited?

20 years Perhaps because of their reactions, she feared the world was not ready to understand her nonfigurative work and instructed her heir to not show the abstract paintings until 20 years after her death.

When was Hilma af Klint discovered?

The works for the Temple were created between 19, carried out in two phases with an interruption between 19. As Hilma af Klint discovered her new form of visual expression, she developed a new artistic language. Her painting became more autonomous and more intentional.

When was Hilma af Klint born?

Octo Hilma af Klint/Date of birth

Where are Hilma af Klints paintings?

Guggenheim Museum Guggenheim Museum, New York, with the cooperation of the Hilma af Klint Foundation, Stockholm.

Where is Hilma af Klints work now?

the Guggenheim Museum In 2013, Moderna Museet presented ”Hilma af Klint: Abstract Pioneer”, which became the most visited exhibition of a Swedish artist in the museum's history. Since then, Hilma af Klint's work has traveled the world, encountered new audiences, and won new recognition, most recently at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

What inspired Hilma af Klint's abstract work?

In these idyllic surroundings she came into contact with nature at an early stage in her life, and a deep association with natural forms was to be an inspiration in her work. Later in life, Hilma af Klint lived permanently on Munsö, an island next to Adelsö.

What was the subject of af Klint ten largest?

Hilma af Klint attributed this series to the exploration of the human life cycle, from childhood and youth to adulthood and old age. The artist created the ten works between November and December of 1907 on large sheets of paper later glued onto canvas.

What kind of childhood did Hilma af Klint have?

  • Biography of Hilma af Klint Childhood. Hilma af Klint was born in 1862, in Solna, Sweden, as the fourth of five children of a Protestant couple, Mathilda af Klint and Victor af Klint who was an admiral and a mathematician. Most of her childhood was spent in Karlberg castle, the naval academy where her father was based. During the summer, the ...

How big is the Hilma af Klint collection?

  • The collection for the Temple are 193 paintings, grouped within several sub-series. The major paintings, dated 1907, are extremely large: each painting measures approximately 2 cm. This series, called The Ten Largest, describes the different phases in life, from early childhood to old age.

When did Hilma af Klint start painting abstract art?

  • Hilma af Klint did not have any contact with the modern movements of her time, yet she is now generally considered (whether useful or not) to be the pioneer and inventor of abstract art - her first abstract work was painted in 1906, which pre-dates Kandisnky's by five years.

When did Hilma af Klint write Studier over sjalslivet?

  • During 1917 she wrote over 1,200 pages entitled Studier över Själslivet (Studies of the Life of the Soul), detailing her experience as a metaphysical medium. Her mother died in 1920, and subsequently she began another highly creative year, predominantly exploring world religions and studying the scientific intricacies of flowers and trees.

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