What are the side effects of Summer's Eve?

What are the side effects of Summer's Eve?

What are the side effects of Summer's Eve?

What are the side effects of Summers Eve (Vaginal)?

  • ongoing vaginal pain or soreness;
  • itching, swelling, or redness;
  • vaginal dryness; or.
  • severe irritation or burning.

Is Summer's Eve Feminine Wash bad?

As an OB-GYN physician, I can tell you that Summer's Eve products are not only unnecessary (who wants their vagina to smell like Delicate Blossom?), but they also dangerous and increase the risk of allergic reactions, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other dermatologic conditions.

Do you use Summer's Eve all over?

Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash! ... Summer's Eve's Cleansing Wash can be used all over the body. Yes, really! It's clinically-tested by both dermatologists and gynecologists to be gentle enough for your lady parts and to work great as a total body cleanser.

Why should you use Summer's Eve?

Summers Eve is used to provide temporary relief from minor vaginal irritation, soreness, or itching. Summers Eve should not be used to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Summers Eve may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Is Summer's Eve safe?

Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wash is hypoallergenic, and safe and gentle enough to use every day. Free from dyes and parabens, Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wash is created for your most intimate areas to gently cleanse away the bacteria that can cause odor.

Is Summer's Eve good for BV?

WHAT ARE RISK FACTORS FOR BV? on our clinical experience, we also discourage the use of scented vaginal products, Vagisil, and Summer's Eve for the same reasons. Studies show that cigarette smoking is another risk factor for BV.

Is summer's eve feminine wash safe to use?

  • The stand-alone use of Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash have known to be safe in limited amounts of supplementation. Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash does not contain any ingredients that have been known to pose any risks for health safety.

Does summer's eve feminine wash work?

  • Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash is said to be an effective supplement that can help with symptoms of poor vaginal health . It alleges to improve symptoms such as vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation, and vaginal odor.

What is summer Eve for?

  • Summer's Eve is a brand of feminine hygiene products produced by the C.B. Fleet Company, a subsidiary of Prestige Brands .

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