What did Alois want with Ciel?

What did Alois want with Ciel?

What did Alois want with Ciel?

After the former Earl's death, Claude asked Alois, why did he requested Ciel instead of wishing for Sebastian's death. "Just killing him is not enough. (…) I want to give him a pain more intense than death, and to do that, I will target his young master, Ciel, with whom he's so infatuated" - that was Trancy's answer.

Why is Alois obsessed with Claude?

When Claude stopped Ciel from killing Alois, he accidentally tasted his blood making him obsessed with the Phantomhive boy. From that moment on, he was ready to do whatever necessary to get Ciel's soul.

Who is Alois in love with?

Alois makes a new contract with Hannah upon realising that both she and Luka have always loved him. He states that they are the people he should be loving and adds that everyone who never truly loved him should be annihilated.

Why does Alois abuse Hannah?

Alois seems to dislike her as he frequently beats and verbally abuses her, calling her a whore because he believes she is trying to take the attention off of him. ... Hannah is once again shown being abused by Alois when he becomes frustrated with trying to find an acceptable costume for his ball.

Why does Claude hate Sebastian?

2 Claude. Fans disliked Claude because apart from being a cheap copy of Sebastian, he lacked all of his charm and tact. He's shown to be inexpressive and apathetic demon who openly manipulates his young master, and doesn't care much for his well being.

Why is Ciel's soul so special?

Ciel is more willing to sacrifice his soul than other humans. We learned in the beginning of the Green Witch arc that humans cannot summon demons without being willing to sacrifice their own souls. ... Maybe the flavor of Ciel's soul is determined by how strongly he desired a demon to kill his antagonists.

What was Claude's wish with Alois?

After Alois is brought to a demon sanctuary with Hannah, Claude and Sebastian, Alois talks to Ciel in his subconscious thoughts as they wait for their butlers to finish dueling. It is later revealed that his wish he made with Hannah was for Ciel's soul to never get eaten, and for Alois to join Luka in Hannah's body.

Is Claude and Hannah married?

Hannah and Claude are married. Hannah treats her ring like regularjewelry, and Claude simply wears his ring under his glove so Alois doesn't know.

Is Alois married Fire Emblem?

He then recommended Byleth as a teacher to Rhea, something he rarely does, after witnessing them in battle. At some point in time, Alois met and married his wife, and had a daughter.

Why is Alois Trancy hated?

1 Alois Trancy Alois is cruel, sadistic, unforgiving and mildly obsessive. He's rude to everyone, including Claude, uses impolite language often and is particularly vicious with his words. This is exactly why despite him having a horribly tragic back story, fans were unable to gather any sympathy for his actions.

What are some facts about the god Hades?

  • Facts about Hades. Hades is described by some sources as the god of the earth’s fertility. The narcissus and the cypress are sacred to him. In his kingdom, Hades sat on a throne made of ebony and carried a scepter. Hades was known for his involvement with Sisyphus, the man condemned to the underworld to forever roll a boulder uphill.

Who was the wife of the Greek god Hades?

  • Hades had a cap or helmet that made its wearer invisible. His wife was Persephone, Demeter’s only daughter, whom he kidnapped and made his queen. He was also called the God of Wealth or “the rich one” because he possessed the precious metals of the earth.

Why did Persephone fall in love with Hades?

  • When Persephone suggested that another realm be made for the best mortal souls to go to, Hades made it for her. It was called Elysium–the Underworld’s heaven. Persephone felt conflicted. She missed her mother, but Hades was the only person who’d ever treated like an adult. She was beginning to fall in love with him.

What was the role of Zeus and his wife Hera?

  • Posted on Novem by Madeleine. Zeus and Hera play important roles in Greek mythology. Zeus is the Greek god of the skies, and Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage and birth. Hera is also known as Queen of the Gods because of her matriarchal role in Greek mythology. Together, Zeus and Hera had three children: Ares, Hebe, and Hephaestus.

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