Did Henry Lau go to the army?

Did Henry Lau go to the army?

Did Henry Lau go to the army?

Even though he's not Korean and doesn't have to serve in the military, Henry's shown Korean audiences that not only does he value their country's military service, but he can learn from it.

Is Henry Lau Korean or Chinese?

Henry Lau (simplified Chinese: 刘宪华; traditional Chinese: 劉憲華; Korean: 헨리; born Octo), often mononymously referred to as Henry, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor based in South Korea and China....
Henry Lau
Simplified Chinese刘宪华
Korean stage name

Is Henry under Bighit entertainment?

Henry is the latest artist to join Weverse! Weverse is a global fan community platform launched by beNX, a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. ... On October 26 at 2 p.m. KST, Henry will be launching his own official fan community on Weverse in order to better communicate with his many fans all over the world.

Is Henry Lau famous in Korea?

But fans of K-pop may recognize at least one of them: Henry Lau, a Chinese-Canadian singer who rose to fame with South Korean boyband, Super Junior. Reversing another of the artist's names, Ohnim, meanwhile reveals his identity as rapper Mino, a member of popular K-pop group Winner.

Why is Henry not in Super Junior?

Member Donghae mentioned that Super Junior-M plans to release new album after all members return to the team in 2019, but never came to fruition following the fandom's boycott on Sungmin. On Ap, Henry decided not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment, and left Super Junior-M.

What is Henry Lau famous for?

Henry Lau (헨리, 刘宪华)is a singer, songwriter, actor, and classical violinist co-based in Seoul and Beijing. Shortly after being awarded the Gold Medal in Violin Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, Henry launched his music career in 2008 as a member of popular Korean pop group Super Junior-M.

Does Henry Lau speak Korean?

Henry speaks Korean, English, Cantonese, French and more Henry Lau, better known as Henry, is a member of Super Junior-M and known as one of the 'three idiots' on I Live Alone. He is a Canadian national since he was born in Toronto, but his father is from Hong Kong while his mother is Taiwanese.

Is Ailee Korean?

Amy Lee (born ), known professionally as Ailee, is a Korean-American singer and songwriter based in South Korea. Amassing digital sales success in South Korea, she has released two studio albums, five extended plays, twenty one singles, six of which charted within the top five of the Gaon Digital Chart.

What company is Henry Lau under?

SM Entertainment Henry Lau/Record labels Having left SM behind him, Lau has struck out on his own under the management of Monster Entertainment, a company he formed in 2018 with his brother Clinton, another former musician.

Is Henry Lau part of Super Junior?

Henry Lau debuted as a Super Junior-M member in 2007, where he participated in the group's many activities in China and Korea. He also produced multiple songs for artists and appeared in television dramas. He left SM Entertainment 10 years later but continued to remain close with his former members.

Who is Henry Lau and what does he do?

  • City: Toronto, Canada. Henry Lau, also known as Henry, is a multitalented Canadian. He is a singer, rapper, beatboxer, music composer, dancer, record producer, and actor.

When did Henry Lau become Super Junior M?

  • He is mostly active in South Korea. He learnt the piano and violin early in his life and he can play several musical instruments. He is also adept at different forms of dance. The S.M. Entertainment Global Audition held in 2006 in Toronto, Canada, selected him from among 3000 contestants. His debut as a ‘Super Junior-M’ member happened in 2008.

Where did Henry Lau from BTS go to college?

  • For a short while, he attended University of Toronto with Music Performance Major in 2007. He can speak English, French, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin language. Who Is The Most Popular BTS Member?

How is Henry Lau able to speak four languages?

  • After his mother were impressed during a visit to the company in South Korea, she convinced his father for him to accept the offer. Henry is able to speak four languages. Aside from speaking native English, he is fluent in Mandarin and Korean and can speak conversational Cantonese.

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