Does Socrates believe God?

Does Socrates believe God?

Does Socrates believe God?

Socrates: Early Years Socrates was born and lived nearly his entire life in Athens. ... Although he never outright rejected the standard Athenian view of religion, Socrates' beliefs were nonconformist. He often referred to God rather than the gods, and reported being guided by an inner divine voice.

How did Henri Bergson influence the Christian religion?

  • His thinking had widespread influence in a variety of disciplines. In the Christian religion he opened the way to an interpretation of reality which promised union with God through mystical experience, an escape from the limitations which reason places upon traditional doctrines.

Who was Henri Louis Bergson and what did he do?

  • For other uses, see Bergson (disambiguation). Henri-Louis Bergson (French: [bɛʁksɔn]; 18 October 1859 – 4 January 1941) was a French philosopher who was influential in the tradition of continental philosophy, especially during the first half of the 20th century until the Second World War.

How does Henri Bergson compare God to life force?

  • Bergson equates life-force with God: God, thus defined, has nothing of the already made; he is unceasing life, action, freedom. Creation, so conceived, is not a mystery; we experience it in ourselves when we act freely. As we have seen, only through the "duration" of consciousness is this freedom attainable.

What did Henri Bergson think about the appearance of novelty?

  • Bergson considers the appearance of novelty as a result of pure undetermined creation, instead of as the predetermined result of mechanistic forces. His philosophy emphasises pure mobility, unforeseeable novelty, creativity and freedom; thus one can characterize his system as a process philosophy.

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