What happened to Helena?

What happened to Helena?

What happened to Helena?

Anti-Monitor Crisis. During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Helena as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on Decem, only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

Which clones die in Orphan Black?

Being a Leda clone comes with many dangers, but before, the clones that we've seen die were usually ones we didn't know very well or their deaths were fairly quick, such as Beth Childs (Maslany) stepping in front of a train or Katja Obinger (Maslany) dying from a sniper rifle shot to the head.

Why did Helena cut back?

mentally unstable, childish, and loyal. Tomas and Maggie's poor treatment of Helena led her to become mentally disturbed. After committing a sin, Helena will self-mutilate by cutting herself, and the cuts along her back eerily give the appearance of feathered angel wings.

Who impregnated Helena in Orphan Black?

Well Henrick took out her eggs and and shot his sperm into it then inseminated a bunch of the women from the farm. Then had Grace lure Helena back to inseminate her as well. The former leader of the proletheans and Gracies father. He had the fertilized eggs implanted in both Helena an Gracie.

Is Helena evil in Arrow?

History. Helena is the daughter of Frank Bertinelli, a prominent figure in the Starling City Mafia. Appearing on the surface to be loyal to her father; in reality, Helena considers him to be an evil man who must be punished for all the lives he has destroyed.

Do Helena and Oliver get together?

Oliver first encountered Helena Bertinelli while trying to take down her father under the guise of the Hood. In order to do so, he tried to befriend the family as Oliver Queen, eventually becoming close to Bertinelli's daughter. They went on a couple of dates together until Helena learned Oliver's secret identity.

Who is the best clone in Orphan Black?

Orphan Black: Every Main Clone, Ranked By Intelligence

  1. 1 Cosima Niehaus. Cosima is easily the smartest of the clones, with many saying she's a genius and the one who all of their futures depend on.
  2. 2 Helena Manning. ...
  3. 3 Veera Suominen AKA M.K. ...
  4. 4 Sarah Manning. ...
  5. 5 Rachel Duncan. ...
  6. 6 Alison Hendrix. ...
  7. 7 Beth Childs. ...
  8. 8 Charlotte Bowles. ...

Does Sara die in Orphan Black?

Orphan Black took the life of a major character during Saturday's episode when Ferdinand killed Sarah and Felix's beloved foster mother Mrs. S (played by Maria Doyle Kennedy). ... The emotional goodbye brought everyone to tears at the episode's table read.

Why are Helena's eyes red?

Also odd: These earliest flashbacks tell us that Helena's signature look, the wild mane of blonde hair and red-rimmed eyes, was the result of a punishment doled out by a nun she accidentally spied masturbating. The nun forced her head in a bucket and poured a chemical over it, presumably some kind of bleach.

What did the Proletheans do to Helena?

Gracie Johanssen has trouble accepting Helena as a member of the Prolethean family and tries to smother her with a pillow. Helena fakes her death and chokes Gracie when her back is turned, using this opportunity to escape from the farm.

What was Helena's tag number in Orphan Black?

  • Helenais a clone of Anglo-Ukrainian origin onOrphan Black. Her "tag number" is 322D02. Like her twin sister, Sarah, she was taken from the system and thus is unmonitored, unlike the others. She serves as one of the antagonists in the first season, and from the second season onwards, a main...

How did the woman die in Orphan Black?

  • While Sarah is still in shock, the woman commits suicide by stepping in front of a train. Over the course of the next five seasons, Sarah follows the dead woman down a rabbit hole that reveals her own true origins, and puts both her and her daughter in grave danger.

Who was Sarah's twin in Orphan Black Season 1?

  • In Orphan Black season 1, Sarah learns from her birth mother that the psycho clone stalking and assassinating the others is actually her twin, Helena. Amelia gave Helena to the church and she ended up in the hands of the Proletheans, who weaponized her against her own sestras.

Who was the German clone in Orphan Black?

  • Commonly referred to as "The German," poor Katja Obinger's appearance in Orphan Black was short-lived. The newest addition to Clone Club, Katja flew all the way to Canada with documents and samples from clones in Europe.

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