Who did Hatteberg pinch hit for?

Who did Hatteberg pinch hit for?

Who did Hatteberg pinch hit for?

Eric Byrnes It's hard not to be romantic about the only walk-off home run of Scott Hatteberg's career. On Sept. 4, 2002, the catcher-turned-first-baseman stepped into the batter's box at Oakland to pinch-hit for Eric Byrnes in the bottom of the ninth with the Athletics and Royals tied, 11-11.

Who hit the homerun in Moneyball?

On Sept. 4, 2002, Oakland first baseman Scott Hatteberg's game-winning homer against the Kansas City Royals would forever be solidified in the organization's story. It was a 12-11 victory for the A's -- their 20th straight win -- which then turned into an American League record.

Who ended the Oakland A's streak?

Yet, on Saturday afternoon at Oakland, it was Judge who nearly carried his team to another victory. Judge's two-run homer provided a jolt in the ninth, but the Athletics closed out a 3-2 win at Oakland Coliseum – ending the Yanks' winning streak at 13.

Did Hatteberg really hit the homerun?

International career He was a member of the United States national baseball team at the 1990 Goodwill Games, and hit a home run in a game against the Mexican national baseball team. In the 1990 Baseball World Cup Hatteberg hit .292/.346/.417 for Team USA.

How did Moneyball end?

The movie ends with Beane turning down the offer because he wants to win in Oakland. Two years later, the Red Sox won the World Series using the Moneyball method. Beane is still the GM in Oakland, and the A's still haven't won a World Series.

Did Billy Beane really turn down the Red Sox?

After the 2002 season, the Boston Red Sox made Beane an offer of $12.5 million to become their GM, but he declined. ... Many other general managers have followed Beane's strategy and now use similar approaches.

When did Scott Hatteberg play for the a's?

  • A career highlight for Hatteberg was as a member of the Oakland A's on Septem. The A's had won 19 straight games to tie the American League record.

What kind of nerve damage did Scott Hatteberg have?

  • Hatteberg, who suffered nerve damage in the elbow of his throwing hand, had an operation that really wasn’t completely successful to relieve pressure on his ulnar nerve. The result was a feeling like he was permanently whacking his funny bone.

When did Scott Hatteberg leave the Cincinnati Reds?

  • In 2006, he moved to the Cincinnati Reds, for whom he played for parts of three seasons. He was released in June 2008, after being reduced to pinch-hitting duties, which he said didn’t suit him well. That was end of his playing days.

What was Scott Hatteberg's story like in Moneyball?

  • "Moneyball" showed Hatteberg as a down-on-his-luck, near-desperate but thankful veteran just hoping to hang on to a fleeting baseball career. That wasn't too far off from the real-life Hatteberg entering 2002. "I think my story is a lot like baseball. The sport itself is wrought with failure. You can never get too high on yourself.

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