Who sang search for a hero?

Who sang search for a hero?

Who sang search for a hero?

M People Search for the Hero/Artists

What is Heather Small famous for?

Singer Heather Small is best known for her part in 90s music band M People, with chart toppers including Moving On Up and One Night In Heaven, as well as achieving solo success with her hit single, Proud.

Is Heather Small still married?

She has been married to David Neita since 2012, and she has a son, named James, from a previous relationship with rugby union coach Shaun Edwards.

What was M People biggest hit?

One Night in Heaven Classic version
1."One Night in Heaven"Pickering, Heard
2."Angel St"Pickering, Heard, Small
3."Sight for Sore Eyes"Pickering, Heard, Small
4."Search for the Hero"Pickering, Heard

Who sang search for the people inside yourself?

M People Search for the Hero/Artists

Is Heather Small her real name?

Heather Small (born 20 January 1965) is a British soul singer and former lead singer of the band M People. Her subsequent debut solo album, Proud, was released in 2000. She was a contestant on the British television show, Strictly Come Dancing, in 2008.

What nationality is Heather Small?

British Heather Small/Nationality

Does Heather Small wear a wig?

It gives me the freedom to move around the stage unrestricted with a nice silhouette. Plus, I like to have extra hair – but I never wear a human hair wig. ... No woman should walk around bald because I'm wearing her hair. BE

How old is Heather Small?

56 years (Janu) Heather Small/Age

What band was Heather Small in?

M PeopleSince 1990 M PeopleHot House19 Heather Small/Music groups Ms Small shot to fame in the 1990s with M People - a dance band formed by Manchester Hacienda DJ Mike Pickering. They had a number of Top 10 hits with songs including 'Moving On Up', 'One Night In Heaven' and 'Search For The Hero'. BE

What does the intro to search for the hero sound like?

  • Wayne Bledsoe from Scripps Howard commented that "the cavernous acoustics on the intro to "Search for the Hero" sound like a chopper landing in a field." He also noted that Small's "commanding tone matches the grandiosity" of the intro.

Why was search for the hero swapped for Open Your Heart?

  • The two Bizarre Fruit singles "Open Your Heart" and "Search for the Hero" had been swapped by the record company because of the demand for dance music in 1995, so "Search for the Hero" was pushed to be the middle single scheduled for the summer as a precursor to their world tour.

Where was the search for the Hero video filmed?

  • The video was shot in early May 1995 in and around the iconic Battersea Power Station in South London on the still disused site with special flame effects and Heather at the forefront with the band playing behind her.

Who are the band members of search for the hero?

  • The whole line up of the band are seen as well as, on drums Andy Gangadeen, Lynieve Austin and Paul Johnson performing on backing vocals within the shell of the Power Station drums. The other images seen are of exploding cars, kids playing on wasteland, smashing glasses bottles and CCTV footage.

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