Is Step On by the Happy Mondays a cover version?

Is Step On by the Happy Mondays a cover version?

Is Step On by the Happy Mondays a cover version?

It's actually a cover version - of an old single by South African musician John Kongos, originally titled He's Gonna Step On You Again. The song made Number 4 in May 1971.

Who did the original of step on?

Step on by Happy Mondays.

What songs did Happy Mondays cover?

Songs covered by Happy Mondays
SongPlay Count
Reverend Black Grape (Black Grape cover)11
Monster (Shaun Ryder song)6
Close The Dam (Shaun Ryder song)5
Tokoloshe Man (John Kongos cover)2

Who sang Tokoloshe?

John Kongos Tokoloshe Man/Artists

Did Happy Mondays wrote step on?

John Kongos Christos DemetriouAndy Compton Step On (2007 Remaster)/Composers

Who sang step on before Happy Mondays?

Happy Mondays Step On (2007 Remaster)/Artists

Why did steps disband?

However, it has since come to light that both H and Claire left the group on the last night of the Steps "Gold: Greatest Hits" tour because of their ongoing unhappiness within the group, although Steps' official statement stated that the split was caused by their belief that they should end on a high, while they were ...

What band was bez?

Happy Mondays Black Grape Bez/Music groups Bez is best known as the maraca player, dancer, and de facto mascot of rock band Happy Mondays, having been invited by lead singer Shaun Ryder shortly after the band was formed. He is chiefly remembered for his bizarre style of dancing and use of maracas.

Who wrote the music for Happy Mondays?

Shaun Ryder More videos on YouTube Happy Mondays' final album for some 15 years, 'Yes Please' disrupted the way Shaun Ryder created, working from music he felt passionate about to draw together phrases from his life, from those around him. “Well, my job as a songwriter it to write songs. And writing songs is writing stories.

Who sang you're twisting my melon man?

Happy Mondays Step On (2007 Remaster)/Artists

When did Happy Mondays cover step on You?

  • English band Happy Mondays covered the song in 1990, retitling it "Step On", with two different music videos.

Who are the members of the band Happy Mondays?

  • Happy Mondays. Formed in 1980, the band 's original line-up was Shaun Ryder (vocals), his brother Paul Ryder ( bass ), Mark Day (guitar), Paul Davis (keyboard), and Gary Whelan (drums). Mark "Bez" Berry later joined the band onstage as a dancer/percussionist. Rowetta joined the band as a guest vocalist in 1990.

What was the biggest selling song by Happy Mondays?

  • The Happy Mondays version incorporates a short sample of three guitar notes from the original. "Step On" became the Happy Mondays' biggest-selling single, peaking at No. 5 in the UK and No. 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Why did John Kongos write the song Happy Mondays?

  • It was written by Kongos and Christos Demitriou and hit #4 UK and #70 US. >> Suggestion credit: The Happy Mondays never caught on in America, where this was the closest they came to a hit. John Kongos wrote this as a protest song against white man's appropriation of native territory in Africa.

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