Who made Un Poco Loco?

Who made Un Poco Loco?

Who made Un Poco Loco?

Gael García Bernal Anthony Gonzalez Un Poco Loco/Artists

Why was Un Poco Loco written?

The Coco team wanted to have a song that expressed the “larger than life,” star power of Ernesto de la Cruz. They wanted the audience to meet him at his peak. ... The song, “Un Poco Loco,” written by co-director Adrian Molina and Germaine Franco, was created for Miguel to sing at the talent show in the land of the dead.

Is Héctor Rivera real?

Héctor Rivera (Novem—December 1921, aged 21) was the husband of Imelda, the father of Coco Rivera, Miguel's long-lost great-great-grandfather and the deuteragonist of Coco....Héctor Rivera.
Biographical information
Born30 November 1900
DiedDecember 1921 Mexico City (aged 21) Poisoned by Ernesto de La Cruz

How does Héctor know Ernesto de la Cruz?

So in mid-1920's, he set out on tour with his childhood friend Ernesto de la Cruz. As they performed together on tour, Héctor wrote the songs and Ernesto sang them. ... During his time in the Land of the Dead, Héctor learned how Ernesto took credit for his songs, growing resentful.

How old is Anthony Gonzalez?

17 years (Septem) Anthony Gonzalez/Age

Who wrote Coco songs?

Michael Giacchino Coco/Music composed by

Is Un Poco Loco based on a real song?

"Un Poco Loco" is an Afro-Cuban jazz standard composed by American jazz pianist Bud Powell. It was first recorded for Blue Note Records by Powell, Curly Russell, and Max Roach on ....Un Poco Loco.
"Un Poco Loco"
LabelBlue Note
Songwriter(s)Bud Powell

Will there be a Coco 2 movie?

Unfortunately, there has been no official statement confirming from Disney or Pixar about "Coco 2." Similarly, there has been no word from anyone involved in 2017's "Coco," like co-directors Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich, that a sequel to the animated movie is in any stage of development.

Is Coco based on a true story?

The character of Mamá Coco was not based upon any real person we met in our travels. She sprang solely from our imagination.

Is Miguel related to Ernesto de la Cruz?

Towards the beginning of the movie, Miguel finds a photograph that leads him to believe a deceased famous musician named Ernesto de la Cruz is his great-great-grandfather. While in the Land of the Dead, Miguel enlists the help of a woebegone man named Hector to help him find Ernesto.

Why did Hector write Un Poco Loco for Coco?

  • Héctor's creativity is shown to come from his heart; many of Héctor's best songs were written as an expression of his feelings towards those he loves. Examples being writing " Un Poco Loco " for Imelda and, famously, writing " Remember Me " for Coco. It is here that he draws a parallel between himself and Ernesto de la Cruz.

What does the song Un Poco Loco mean?

  • In Spanish, "Un Poco Loco" translates to "A Little Crazy." The song was originally written by Héctor as a song for Imelda. ↑ " First listen: Hear three new songs from Pixar’s Coco ".

What kind of songs did Hector Rivera write?

  • Having a passion for music, Héctor wrote many of songs that became famous under the name of Ernesto de La Cruz. One of the songs "Un Poco Loco" for Imelda and "Remember Me" as a lullaby/love song for his daughter, Coco.

Why did Hector write the song Remember Me?

  • Héctor was a loving father and wrote the song " Remember Me " for her. While Imelda was ready to settle down and plant roots for their family, Héctor still wanted to give his songs to the world. So in mid-1920's, he set out on tour with his childhood friend Ernesto de la Cruz.

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