What did Heather Chandler die from?

What did Heather Chandler die from?

What did Heather Chandler die from?

He serves Chandler the drain cleaner, killing her. Veronica panics, and J.D. urges her to forge a dramatic suicide note in Chandler's handwriting. The school and community regard Chandler's apparent suicide as a tragic decision made by a troubled teenager, making her even more worshipped in death than in life.

How does Heather McNamara die?

suicide Deaths
NameCause of deathKiller(s)
Heather McNamaraBled out from slit wristsHerself (suicide)
Ram SweeneyHangedJD
David WatersSuffocated from car exhaust fumesJD and Veronica Sawyer
Margie KaneAccidentally shot at gun rangeMaurice Dennis

What was Heather Chandler's last words?

(Honorable-mention quote from this scene is Heather Chandler's last words: "Corn Nuts!")

Is Heathers based off of a true story?

Waters has said that the secret to his script of Heathers was that it was based in real life. The screenwriter said he “stole” a good amount of the movie's one-liners from kids he knew in real life as a teen, especially from his coworkers and young campers when he worked as a summer camp counselor.

Does Heather die in Heathers?

Heather starts choking, muttering the words, "Corn... nuts!" before falling into a glass coffee table, dead. Veronica and J.D. panic, covering up her death to make it appear as if she had committed suicide instead.

Does Heather McNamara die in the musical?

Heather McNamara runs out of the classroom and to the bathroom where she attempts suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs. Veronica runs into the bathroom to stop her, after a brief talk the two decide to skip the rest of the school day and go shopping. Veronica talking Heather out of suicide.

Is Heather Chandler actually dead?

Actor. Heather Chandler, portrayed by the late Kim Walker, is the first female antagonist of the cult classic film Heathers. She is the deceased leader of the most popular and powerful clique at Westerburg High known as The Heathers.

Who says how very in Heathers?

6. “It'll be very.” – Heather Chandler / “How very.” – Veronica. Heathers is excellent at remaining a resource for some of the most unique slang terms.

What is the movie Heathers based off of?

Heathers is an allegory for the troubled artistic relationship between lead singer Paul Westerberg and guitarist Bob Stinson in the band The Replacements; that's why the school in the movie is named Westerberg High.

What is Heathers The musical based on?

Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical with music, lyrics and book by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy, based on the 1989 film of the same name written by Daniel Waters.

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