Who was Hermione's first crush in Harry Potter?

Who was Hermione's first crush in Harry Potter?

Who was Hermione's first crush in Harry Potter?

Though Hermione's Emma Watson admitted Tom Felton was her first crush, Felton may not have felt the same about her. Instead, the HP actor reveals he has a big fat mancrush on Mr. Ronald Weasley.

Did Harry have feelings for Hermione?

The explanation is very simple - Harry has a very strong sexual desire for Ginny. He has no such feelings for Hermione. Sex is a fundamental aspect of adult relations. Sex is, in fact, the characteristic that defines the difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic one.

Did Harry ever kiss Hermione?

No, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger never kiss or sleep with each other, neither in the books nor in any of the movies. ... Scene from the Deathly Hallows book, where Ron, after destroying one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, has a vision of Hermione kissing Harry, thus choosing his best friend over him.

Does Malfoy have a crush on Hermione?

Did Draco Malfoy have a crush on Hermione Granger? ... Draco did not have any feelings towards Hermione, most likely due to his family's beliefs tied to the blood status of witches and wizards. His opinion towards her id changed over the course of the series however they never evolve into anything beyond toleration.

Do you think Hermione Granger has a crush on Harry?

  • Hermione certainly loves Harry. The question is if it is only platonic love or if there is also some romantic love. When I reread the fifth book a few months ago I seriously wondered if she may have a bit of a crush on him. Hermione is certainly very affectionate towards Harry in this year:

How does Harry feel about his sister Hermione?

  • Harry LOVES hermione, But not in the intimate loving way. Harry has always seen hermione as a younger sister.He would do anything for her. But Harry knows ron loves hermione in a intimate way.Both Harry and Ron love hermioen very very much.

How many Harry Potter and Hermione Granger movies are there?

  • Over the course of the seven movies based on the J.K. Rowling novels, Ron and Hermione develop feelings for each other, coming to a climax in the final scenes.

What does Hermione see in the mirror of Erised?

  • J.K. Rowling was once asked what Hermione would see in the Mirror of Erised. J.K. Rowling's response was that Hermione would see herself, Harry, and Ron alive and well following the defeat of Voldemort. But it didn't end there.

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