Was there a god of poop?

Was there a god of poop?

Was there a god of poop?

Sterculius, the Roman god of feces. BE

Who is the god fart?

In Innu mythology, Matshishkapeu ( "The Farting God") is the most powerful spirit and is even more powerful than the Caribou Master.

Who is the Greek god of stupidity?

Koalemos In Greek mythology, Koalemos (Ancient Greek: Κοάλεμος) was the god of stupidity, mentioned once by Aristophanes, and being found also in Parallel Lives by Plutarch. Coalemus is the Latin spelling of the name. Sometimes it is referred to as a dæmon, more of a spirit and minor deity.

Is there a god fart?

Crepitus is an alleged Roman god of flatulence. It is unlikely that Crepitus was ever actually worshipped. The only ancient source for the claim that such a god was ever worshipped comes from Christian satire.

Is there a god of depression?

In Greek mythology, Oizys (/ˈoʊɪzɪs/; Ancient Greek: Ὀϊζύς, romanized: Oïzýs) is the goddess of misery, anxiety, grief, and depression. Her Roman name is Miseria, from which the English word misery is derived....
ParentsNyx and Erebus

Who is the god of food?

Demeter Demeter, in Greek religion, daughter of the deities Cronus and Rhea, sister and consort of Zeus (the king of the gods), and goddess of agriculture.

Who was the god of fire?

Hephaestus Hephaestus, Greek Hephaistos, in Greek mythology, the god of fire. Originally a deity of Asia Minor and the adjoining islands (in particular Lemnos), Hephaestus had an important place of worship at the Lycian Olympus.

Is there really a Roman god of poop?

  • My initial research that there wasn't exactly, however there does seem to be a Roman god of poop, Sterquilinus. Here's some information regarding the Roman deity.

Who was the god of excrement in ancient Rome?

  • Ancient cultures. The inhabitants of ancient Rome had a sewer goddess, a toilet god and a god of excrement. The sewer goddess Cloacina (named from the Latin word cloaca or sewer) was borrowed from Etruscan mythology and became seen as the protectoress of the Cloaca Maxima, Rome's sewage system.

Who was the god of odor in Roman mythology?

  • In Roman mythology, Sterquilinus — also called Stercutus and Sterculius — was a god of odor. He may have been equivalent to Picumnus. The Larousse Encyclopaedia of Mythology gives the name as Stercutius, a pseudonym of Saturn, under which the latter used to supervise the manuring of the fields.

Where did the cult of the toilet god originate?

  • Her cult appears to have originated in the Shanxi region and spread across China by the Tang period. Women worshipped her in the form of a home-made doll on the fifteenth day of each year's first month, when she was ritually summoned in the latrine during the night.

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