Who was Hari Class 10?

Who was Hari Class 10?

Who was Hari Class 10?

Answer: Hari Singh was a fifteen year old boy who introduces himself to Anil as Hari Singh. He was an experienced thief. He changed his name every month for his own safety from the police and his former employers. BE

Does Anil Realise that he has been robbed give reasons?

Answer: Yes, Anil had realized that he had been robbed. He knew this probably because all the notes were wet and damp from the rain. However, he did not say anything to the thief and behaved normally.

What had Hari Singh forgotten about in the excitement of the theft ?[ 2 a his name b his address c his work D to learn read and write?

In the excitement of the theft, the thief had forgotten about his routine. Sitting under the shelter of the clock tower, he ruminated that Anil would probably have given him two or three rupees to go to the cinema. Because he deserted him, he couldn't cook his meals and run to the bazaar to buy groceries.

How did Hari realize that Anil knew about his theft?

Answer: Hari Singh realised that Anil knew about the theft because he found some of the notes still wet. He gave him a fifty-rupee-note and did not mention anything about the theft. This made him feel that Anil had forgiven him. BE

Why did Singh tell a lie about cooking?

  • Ans. Anil was a person who trusted Hari Singh easily. Also, he seemed to be a slightly careless person. Thus, his gullibility and trusting nature made it easy for Hari to rob him. 8. Why did Had Singh tell a lie about cooking? Ans. Hari Singh knew that Anil would hire him only if he could cook. However, Hari did not know how to cook.

Why did had Singh want to work for Anil?

  • Ans. Anil hired Had Singh because Had Singh himself expressed his desire to work for him. When Anil told him that he could not pay him, Had Singh asked him if he could feed him. Anil replied that if he knew how to cook, then he may work for him. Q.14.

How old was had Singh when he became a thief?

  • Describe Had Singh, the young and successful thief. Ans. Had Singh was a fifteen-year-old boy who had already gained much expertise in the field of thievery. He knew how to find prospective victims, and used his intelligence to get close to them.

Why did Anil give Singh fifty rupees?

  • Answer: Anil gave him a fifty rupees note in the morning, which was still damp from the night’s rain. Anil told him that he would start teaching him how to write full sentences and smiled at him. This made Had Singh realize that Anil knew everything. 15. What was Anit’s job? What did he usually do with the money he earned?

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