Why did Hari Singh want to be friends with a male?

Why did Hari Singh want to be friends with a male?

Why did Hari Singh want to be friends with a male?

Hari Singh wanted to be friend with the Anil because he wanted to rob him after gaining his trust. BE

Why does Hari find friends to be more trouble than help?

Hari was a thief. If he had friends, they would probably try to borrow from him or give out his location to the police. In order to save themselves they would make trouble for him. Hence he felt that friends were more trouble than help. BE

Why did Hari come back?

Hari Singh returned to Anil because he felt guilty about robbing him. He thought that people have different responses to being robbed. Some people show fear, some show anger, and some show acceptance. But, Hari knew that Anil would be sad, not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust.

Why did Hari have no idea where to go?

Hari said this because he was not having any friend in the city and their was not any family members in that area . BE

Did Hari have friends why why not?

No hari doesn't have any friends because he used to pinch all his friends . BE

Why did Hari Singh want to be?

Hari Singh Grateful for Getting Education: Hari Singh wanted to be educated. He was grateful that, at least, Anil had given him the basic education. He knew that once he could write like an educated man, there would be no limit to what he could achieve. BE

What is your opinion about Hari thought that friends were more trouble than help?

Ans. Hari Singh did not have friends as he believed that friends were more trouble than help. Moreover, he did not want to make anyone curious. 2. BE

What does Hari Singh say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Explanation: According to Hari Singh, different people react differently upon being robbed. The greedy man displays fear, the rich man shows anger, and the poor man shows acceptance. BE

Why was Hari nervous back?

Answer: hari singh felt nervous about going back to anil's room because he was afraid that he would be caught. hari accepted his mistake but he didn't know if anil was ready to forgive him if he found out. he knew anil was a kind hearted man who took care of him so hari knew that he needed him. BE

What made Hari Singh back to Anil's house?

What made Hari Singh go back to Anil's house? Answer: Hari Singh realised the importance of education he was receiving from Anil. He knew that learning how to read and write and being a literate person would open doors to many opportunities. BE

Is the Hare with many friends has no friends?

  • He that has many friends, has no friends. A Hare was very popular with the other beasts who all claimed to be her friends. But one day she heard the hounds approaching and hoped to escape them by the aid of her many Friends. So, she went to the horse, and asked him to carry her away from the hounds on his back.

What did Mata Hari do with her new man?

  • With a new man by her side, Hari started following her passion for Indonesian traditions, Hinduism, and dance routines. Soon enough, the woman known as Margaretha Zelle wrote to her family and declared that she had a new nam e: Mata Hari. At this point, life was good but surprise surprise, the happy times didn’t last. 9. She Made a Terrible Mistake

What are the names of Mata Hari's children?

  • Over their years in matrimonial disharmony, MacLeod and Hari welcomed two young tykes: A son named Norman-John and a daughter named Louise Jeanne. While MacLeod adored his children, he continued to treat Hari horribly—and in time, his behavior would have brutal consequences on the entire family.

What did the bull say in the Hare with many friends?

  • “He felt sure,” he said, “that all her other friends would come to her assistance.” She then applied to the bull, and hoped that he would repel the hounds with his horns. The bull replied: “I am very sorry, but I have an appointment with a lady; but I feel sure that our friend the goat will do what you want.”

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