What year was George Cole in heartbeat?

What year was George Cole in heartbeat?

What year was George Cole in heartbeat?

2008 George Cole The Minder legend appeared in an episode back in 2008 playing an old crook called Albert Hallows - who has escaped from prison. In the episode, Albert has a score to settle with the police while he also ends up befriending some of the Aidensfield regulars.

What did George Cole star in?

Cole starred in a number of comedies, such as The Bounder (1982–83), Comrade Dad (1984–86), Dad (1997–98) and My Good Friend (1995–96). Cole appeared in a New Tricks (BBC), series 4 Episode 5 "Powerhouse" (2007) and the Midsomer Murders episode Shot at Dawn (2008).

Who played Johnny Lee in heartbeat?

David Essex "Heartbeat" The Traveller (TV Episode 2000) - David Essex as Johnny Lee - IMDb.

Who was George Cole's father?

George Cole George Cole/Fathers

When did David first appear in Heartbeat?

David joined the cast of Heartbeat for one episode of series three - in 1992. He played a young man called David Stockwell who was described as 'naïve and country loving. ' In this original episode, 'David' was so shy that he couldn't even go into the pub!

When did Claude Greengrass leave Heartbeat?

After a hiatus from television work in the late 1980s, Maynard starred as Claude Jeremiah Greengrass in the long-running television series Heartbeat from 19, reprising his role for the spin-off The Royal from 20.

What did George Cole died from?

Aug George Cole/Date of death

Was George Cole in the army?

Lieutenant General Sir George Sinclair Cole KCB, CBE ( – ) was a senior British Army officer who achieved high office in the 1960s....George Cole (British Army officer)
Sir George Cole
Years of service1931–1967
RankLieutenant General
UnitRoyal Artillery

Did Daniel Craig appear in an episode of Heartbeat?

Long before he was James Bond, we saw Daniel Craig make an appearance in the ITV drama back in 1993. In the episode titled A Chilly Reception he played Peter Begg who raises some suspicion amongst the locals.

Did Charlotte Church ever appear in Heartbeat?

Classical-turned-pop star Charlotte Church appeared on the hit ITV show way back in 1999, aged just 13, not long before she found international fame for her angelic and unique voice. The singer played Katie Kendall in the episode, named Stag at Bay, a young girl who ends up singing at a Christmas concert.

Who was the original George Ward in Heartbeat?

  • George Ward (deceased), played by Stuart Golland. Appeared in 67 episodes from 19. Landlord and original publican of The Aidensfield Arms and uncle of Gina Ward.

How old was George Cole when he died?

  • Actor George Cole, best known for playing Arthur Daley in TV's Minder, has died aged 90. Cole played the Cockney wheeler dealer Daley for 16 years, between 19.

Who was Charles in the first series of Heartbeat?

  • In the first appearance, his character Charles, who was the nephew of Lord Ashfordly, becomes involved in the solving of a hit-and-run case involving his uncle’s old Bentley. The Heartbeat connection runs in the Marvel star’s family as his parents both appeared in the ITV programme as well.

When did George Cole start his acting career?

  • Cole began acting in the early 1940s, appearing with Lawrence Olivier in The Demi-Paradise, and taking a small role in Olivier's star-studded Henry V. He joined the war effort in 1944, joining the Royal Air Force, before resuming his acting career when the conflict ended.

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