Who made The Benchwarmers?

Who made The Benchwarmers?

Who made The Benchwarmers?

The Benchwarmers
Directed byDennis Dugan
Written byAllen Covert Nick Swardson
Produced byAdam Sandler Jack Giarraputo
StarringRob Schneider David Spade Jon Heder Jon Lovitz Craig Kilborn Molly Sims Tim Meadows

When did The Benchwarmers come out?

Ap (USA) The Benchwarmers/Release date

Where did Benchwarmers take place?

The park has attracted sports enthusiasts from all over the United States, other countries, and even the likes of big name Movie Directors. Big League Dreams Chino Hills Sports Park was the location of the final game scenes in the 2006 movie "The Benchwarmers".

Who is the midget in Benchwarmers?

Joe Gnoffo Joe Gnoffo is an actor, known for The Benchwarmers (2006), Mirror Mirror (2012) and Desperate Housewives (2004). He has been married to Terra Jolé since J.

How much money did the benchwarmers make?

65 million USD The Benchwarmers/Box office

How old was Max Prado when he died?

23 years (1992–2016) Max Prado/Age at death

How much did Benchwarmers cost?

33 million USD The Benchwarmers/Budget

Where is the house from benchwarmers?

The curving glass-and-steel home, at 33583 Mulholland Highway, is set on nearly 17 acres on a private knoll, with the nearest neighbor 400 feet below. The living room faces west, with sunsets over Malibu's Boney Ridge, a sharp outcropping of rocks in the Los Angeles hills.

Did they actually build a stadium for benchwarmers?

The stadium built for the final game features architectural details borrowed from several Major League parks: Yankee Stadium since the 1970s (the "wedding-cake" trim on top of the bleachers' wall), Wrigley Field (the brick-and-ivy fences), Fenway Park (the Green Monster fence), and Chase Field (the pool area behind ...

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