What did Hari Realise about the value of education and what did he do after having this Realisation?

What did Hari Realise about the value of education and what did he do after having this Realisation?

What did Hari Realise about the value of education and what did he do after having this Realisation?

Answer: Hari Singh realised the importance of education he was receiving from Anil. He knew that learning how to read and write and being a literate person would open doors to many opportunities. He was sure that he would then be able to earn more than a few hundred rupees he had in hand at that time.

How did Hari Singh imagine Anil would react when he learned that he had been robbed?

Answer: According to Hari, Anil would be sad not because of the loss of money but because of the loss of trust he had in Hari.

How and when did Hari Singh put the stolen money back at the same place from where he had stolen did Anil know it?

He crept to the head of the bed. His hand found the edge of the mattress. He slipped the notes under the mattress. Yes, Anil was aware of everything that was taking place in the room.

Had Anil really forgiven Hari Singh Support your answer with evidence?

Support your answer with evidence. Answer: Yes, Anil had forgiven Hari Singh. It is evident because Anil handed over to Hari a fifty rupee note as soon as Hari woke up. Though he knew that Hari had robbed the money at first but his subsequent actions gave him hope of change in Hari's character.

When did Hari Singh Realised the importance of education and how?

Hari Singh realised the importance of education when he observed the kindness and genuineness of Anil. Anil taught him to read and write. This gave confidence to Hari Singh and he thought with his cleverness, he can now achieve anything that he wants. Anil was his next victim.

How did Hari Singh forget about his education in the excitement of his theft What did he think about it in the end?

Answer: Explanation: In the excitement of theft, Hari Singh forgot about his education. Although the money which he got after stealing was more at the present time the money and respect which he could have earned in his future because of education would have been countless.

What does Hari Singh say about the different reactions when they are robbed?

Explanation: According to Hari Singh, different people react differently upon being robbed. The greedy man displays fear, the rich man shows anger, and the poor man shows acceptance.

How According to Hari Singh would be Anil's reaction on knowing about the loss of money?

* (i) Anil would feel sad over the loss of money.

Why did Hari Singh come back to Anil after stealing the money successfully?

Hari Singh returned to Anil because he felt guilty about robbing him. He thought that people have different responses to being robbed. Some people show fear, some show anger, and some show acceptance. But, Hari knew that Anil would be sad, not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust.

Where did Hari Singh go after stealing the money?

Answer: After stealing Anil's money and leaving Anil's house, Hari went to the railway station but didn't board the train to Lucknow. He walked slowly through the bazaar as he did not know anyone who would provide him shelter except Anil, for he didn't have any friends.

How old was had Singh when he became a thief?

  • Describe Had Singh, the young and successful thief. Ans. Had Singh was a fifteen-year-old boy who had already gained much expertise in the field of thievery. He knew how to find prospective victims, and used his intelligence to get close to them.

Why did had Singh want to work for Anil?

  • Ans. Anil hired Had Singh because Had Singh himself expressed his desire to work for him. When Anil told him that he could not pay him, Had Singh asked him if he could feed him. Anil replied that if he knew how to cook, then he may work for him. Q.14.

What kind of note did ans.anil hand Hari?

  • Ans. Anil handed Hari Si h fifty-rupee note as payment for his services. He went on to that since he had started making money, he would pay Hari regularly. However, I knew about Hari and did not want him to be tempted again for want of money.

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