What happened HAL anime?

What happened HAL anime?

What happened HAL anime?

Hal is a love story between a robot and a human. Kurumi had lost her lover, Hal, in a plane explosion. Since then, she had shut herself in due to depression. A doctor (and friend of Kurumi's), along with Hal's grandfather, get a robot to help Kurumi....Reviews.

What did HAL say to Dave?

In one iconic scene from “2001,” Dave asks HAL to open a pod bay door on the spacecraft, to which HAL responds, “I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.” HAL: Yes, it's puzzling. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before. BE

Who was the voice of Hal in 2001?

  • He was initially considering using Rain as the narrator for the 2001: A Space Odyssey, but once he decided to not include any narration in the film, Kubrick realized that Rain's eerily calm delivery and difficult to place " bland mid-Atlantic accent " were exactly what he was looking for in a voice for HAL.

Why did Hal kill the crew in 2001?

  • In this reading, this is the only true malfunction HAL has throughout the film. However, this one error led to Dave and Frank thinking that HAL was untrustworthy and needed to be disconnected. HAL then killed the crew in self-defense, or perhaps murder with aggravated circumstances, depending on your perspective.

Why was Hal told to lie to Dave and Frank?

  • Anyway, getting back to Hal, if I might paraphrase Dr. Chandra, Hal's Creator, he was told to lie to Dave and Frank by people who find it very easy to lie (the govt.), but Hal literally didn't know how to. It's a direct violation of his primary programming, the accurate processing of information, and in being made to lie, it made him unstable.

Why did Hal go out on a space walk?

  • One day, during a conversation with David, wherein HAL expresses some uneasiness about the secrecy surrounding their mission, HAL suddenly claims to detect an error with the ship's transmission antenna. To verify this, David goes out on a spacewalk to retrieve the antenna.

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