What does slag mean in slang?

What does slag mean in slang?

What does slag mean in slang?

Definition of slag (Entry 2 of 3) slang, chiefly British. : a lewd or promiscuous woman.

What does the word chaffed mean?

1 : irritate, vex The noise of the children playing chafed her. 2 : to warm by rubbing especially with the hands. 3a : to rub so as to wear away : abrade the strap chafed his skin The boat chafed its sides against the dock. b : to make sore by or as if by rubbing The tight collar chafed his neck.

What does Deresive mean?

: expressing or causing contemptuous ridicule or scorn : expressing or causing derision derisive laughter Given such follies …, it's easy to be derisive of Jerry Lewis …— James Wolcott. Other Words from derisive Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About derisive.

What are some disrespectful words?


  • discourteous,
  • ill-bred,
  • ill-mannered,
  • impertinent,
  • impolite,
  • inconsiderate,
  • rude,
  • thoughtless,

What is another name for slag?

What is another word for slag?
promiscuous womanscrubber

What is leg chafing?

Thigh chafing is perhaps one of the most common thigh-related skin problems. It happens as a result of friction when your inner thighs rub against each other, damaging your skin. When you have thigh chafing, you may notice red, blister-like lesions that can also burn.

What is Chaft?

(tʃæft) n. obsolete Northern English the jaw.

What does derisive remarks mean?

Use the adjective derisive to describe something or someone that mocks, expresses contempt, or ridicules. You may sometimes catch your kids making derisive comments — especially if you ask them to do chores instead of whatever they think is more important.

What does callow fellow mean?

adj. 1 lacking experience of life; immature. 2 Rare (of a young bird) unfledged and usually lacking feathers.

What is a stronger word for disrespect?

Words related to disrespect contempt, coarseness, boldness, impertinence, incivility, impiety, flippancy, dishonor, discourtesy, insolence, sacrilege, irreverence, impudence, hardihood, impoliteness, unmannerliness.

What do you call someone with a master's degree?

  • When you’re referring to someone with a master’s degree, use the level of formality that is suitable for the occasion. If the person with a master’s degree is your professor at a university, you can call them “ Professor ,” followed by their last name. You can also use their preferred prefix, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Mx. and their last name.

What does it mean to have a mild degree?

  • A mild degree means that the body is not reacting well, or else that the infection is too slight to call forth much resistance. Each has his "natural liberty," and each in his degree, great or small, receives his allotted reward.

What is the abbreviation for master's degree in education?

  • You can earn a master’s degree in many subjects, but sometimes, depending on the subject, the master’s degree abbreviation may be different. For example, the most common master’s abbreviation for education is M.Ed., which is a shortened form Master of Education.

Which is the second most common master's degree?

  • The second most common is a Master of Science, which schools award in science-related disciplines like biology, engineering, statistics and health. A Master of Science is generally abbreviated as M.S. or M.Sc.

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