What Nirvana songs did Courtney Love write?

What Nirvana songs did Courtney Love write?

What Nirvana songs did Courtney Love write?

"Old Age" is a song first released by the American rock band Hole, written by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana with lyrics later written by Courtney Love. At the time of Hole's recording of the song, Love was married to Cobain.

Did Courtney Love write any songs about Kurt?

The song was written by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson. ... It is also known as one of the three released Hole recordings to feature Love's husband Kurt Cobain.

Did Kurt Cobain write all of Nirvana's songs?

Cobain was Nirvana's chief songwriter, wrote all their lyrics and almost all of their music – though Grohl and Novoselic both contributed to Nirvana's music, as on Aneurysm, which was a co-write by all members of the band. Grohl also wrote the Heart-Shaped Box B-side Marigold himself.

What was Kurt Cobain's fav Nirvana song?

I read in an interview that his favorite song to play live was Drain You, and he also said that he didn't understand why everyone liked Teen Spirit so much when there are other songs at least as good, like Drain You.

Who wrote the song Heart-Shaped Box?

Kurt Cobain Heart-Shaped Box/Lyricists

Who invented the heart-shaped box?

Richard Cadbury Richard Cadbury (yes, that Cadbury) is usually credited with creating the first heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1861.

How did Kurt Cobain feel about Courtney Love?

Cobain appeared to dismiss Love's advances at first, commenting: "I was determined to be a bachelor for a few months [...] but I knew I liked Courtney so much right away that it was a really hard struggle to stay away from her for so many months."

Who wrote Violet by Hole?

Eric Erlandson Courtney Love Violet/Composers

Who did Kurt Cobain write songs for?

Original songs
TitleWritten byOriginally by
DumbKurt CobainNirvana [US]
Endless, NamelessKurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist NovoselicNirvana [US]
Even in His YouthKurt CobainNirvana [US]
Floyd the BarberKurt CobainNirvana [US]

Did Dave Grohl write any Nirvana songs?

In an interview on CBS show Sunday Morning, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed why he never wrote music or sang in Nirvana, and only started writing his own material after Kurt Cobain's death in 1994. Turns out the musical legend wasn't as confident then as he is now.

Are there any songs inspired by Courtney Love?

  • Below is an example of songs that have a breadcrumb trail back to Courtney Love. One track that we know for sure was inspired by Love is the 1995 Foo Fighters track ‘I’ll Stick Around’ which was long rumoured before Dave Grohl confirmed it in 2009.

When did Kurt Cobain get married to Courtney Love?

  • At Kurt Cobain’s wedding to Love in 1992, no family was in attendance and Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic didn’t even attend the ceremony thinking that Courtney Love was a bad influence on Cobain. Dave Grohl however, was in attendance and was even seen posing for photos with Love and holding her hand here.

When did You Know you are Right by Nirvana Come Out?

  • In September of 2002, the lawsuit was finally settled and it was announced that “You Know You’re Right” would arrive on a one CD history of the band called Nirvana later that year. Fast forward five years to 2007 and Foo Fighters would release their sixth studio record Echo Sounds, Patience and Grace.

How did Courtney Love get involved with Dave Grohl?

  • Initially, Courtney Love approved the use of Cobain in the game and then went on a Twitter rampage against Dave Grohl and the publisher of Guitar Hero, Activision. In reality, Grohl and Krist Novoselic had no control over the likeness and the name of Kurt Cobain being used in the game as they are not the owners of his estate.

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