Does Cisco get back with Gypsy?

Does Cisco get back with Gypsy?

Does Cisco get back with Gypsy?

Cisco Gets Back Together With Gypsy Gypsy and Cisco ended their relationship at an impasse, with Cisco unwilling to live on Earth-19 and replace her father Breacher, and Cynthia unwilling to leave her job to be with him.

Is Gypsy Cisco's doppelganger?

Murder of Gypsy and framing his doppelganger Cisco killing Cynthia. ... Gypsy learned that he was her ex-boyfriend Cisco Ramon's doppelganger and sent him to Earth-1.

What happens to Cisco and Gypsy?

Gypsy was killed off-screen in the episode “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” by Echo, Cisco's doppelganger from Earth-19, who framed Earth-1 Cisco for her murder. ... And now, The Flash season 6, episode 15, “The Exorcism of Nash Wells” has Cisco confirm that Gypsy is dead, just like happened pre-Crisis.

Who does Cisco end up with in The Flash?

at some point later this season, while Valdes' character will say goodbye to Barry, Caitlin et al in the Tuesday, June 8 episode, after Cisco and lady love Kamilla (Victoria Park) announce their decision to embark on the next chapter of their life, together, away from Central City.

What is the name of Cisco's doppelganger?

Vibe (comics)
Created byGerry Conway (writer), Chuck Patton (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoFrancisco "Cisco" Ramon Paco Ramone

Does Cisco beat Gypsy?

By embracing his vibe powers and using Julian's tip, Cisco was not only able to beat Gypsy, he became a superhero. Of course, Cisco opted not to kill Gypsy, and she returned to her Earth without H.R. on one condition: H.R. can never return to Earth-19.

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