Did Usman really break Covington's jaw?

Did Usman really break Covington's jaw?

Did Usman really break Covington's jaw?

The first time Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington met, they put on a striking display that broke records. It was a surprising effort coming from two fighters known for their wrestling but a close fight ended with Usman breaking Covington's jaw and putting him away in the final round..

When did colbys jaw break?

Colby Covington diagnosed himself with a broken jaw between the third and fourth rounds of his UFC 245 main event battle with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Replays of the action from Round 3 showed a brutal shot from Usman connecting to Covington's jaw and blasting his mandible sideways.

Did colbys jaw break?

Covington, who reportedly had suffered a broken jaw in the wake of a loss to 'The Nigerian Nightmare', has confirmed that he indeed didn't get his jaw broken during his main event clash with Usman.

Who broke Covington's jaw?

It was widely reported that Kamaru Usman broke Colby Covington's jaw during their UFC 245 main event clash in 2019.

Who broke covingtons jaw?

The match was over for Covington, and he lost via T(KO). This was the first time in 8 fights that Covington had lost a fight. Usman finished him in a way that 'Chaos' thought impossible. First, he broke his jaw somewhere in the 3rd round and then finished him for good in the 5th.

Did Colby break his jaw?

But to hear Covington tell it now, none of that was true. He denies his jaw was broken. ... "I knew going into that fight, a lot of people already had a biased opinion against me," Covington told ESPN. "So, I kind of wanted to sit back and reflect [after].

Did Kamaru Usman break Colby's jaw?

Despite not being famed as a striker, Usman broke his opponent's jaw in the third round before his TKO win in the fifth and final round. It was a fight the judges had scored very evenly until that final round.

Is Colby's jaw broken?

It definitely wasn't broken,” Colby Covington told ESPN. “He landed a clean strike, it was a good strike, but it was not a broken jaw… I'm tougher than anybody, I can endure anything.” He chose not to do a lot of media after the fight and stayed away from social media.

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