How did Phoebe die in the sinner?

How did Phoebe die in the sinner?

How did Phoebe die in the sinner?

Phoebe is accidentally killed when he has a heart attack and an attempt to revive her results in her ribcage being cracked by Frankie. Cora dives to her sister's aid and hits Frankie, pummelling him with her fists in all the same places she would later stab him.

Who did Cora kill in the sinner?

The series starts with Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) leading a mundane life until one day, while enjoying a picnic with her husband and baby, she gets up, walks over to a man called Frankie Belmont (who she apparently doesn't know) and violently stabs him to death with an apple peeler in front of everyone.

Did Cora kill Maddie in the sinner?

— Cora also has a memory of herself at the house stepping on and crushing Maddie's sternum, presumably killing Maddie. — Meanwhile, in a second set of memories from that same night, both Cora and Maddie are stuck in a muddy water out in the woods. Maddie tells Cora that they poisoned her and that she is going to die.

What did Cora's parents say happened to Phoebe?

When Cora is finally reunited with her parents during her trial they tell her that Phoebe died two months after Cora left home. ... The girls' mother says when they disappeared she assumed they went through with the plan and they were “dead to her” from then on.

What disease did Phoebe have in the sinner?

Harry realizes the pattern of his bruises from Cora's punches are identical to the stab wounds she inflicted on Frankie Belmont. Harry visits Cora's parents, whom Cora had claimed were dead. They tell him about Cora's late sister, Phoebe, who died of cancer a month after Cora disappeared in 2012.

Why are Detective Ambrose fingers bruised?

He's starting to look at the whole thing. The fingernails are obviously a sign of the sessions with Sharon and he's playing out some type of trauma scenario with her, which is what happens with sexual abuse especially. The idea is that Ambrose has a long way to go but he is acknowledging it for the first time.

Why did Cora kill Frankie in the sinner?

Then J.D. smashed her in the head with an ashtray, and the episode ended. So we know why Cora killed Frankie: she was involuntarily reenacting the most traumatic moment of her life in some kind of regression. Which in turn means we know why Cora is the haunted shell of a person she is.

Why did Ambrose kill Jamie?

These dangerous games finally came to an end in Thursday night's Season 3 finale, in which Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, shot Jamie because he was a metaphysical threat — quoting Jung, talking about the unconscious, questioning fate.

What really happened to Cora Tannetti?

Unable to bring himself to kill Cora, Patrick took her home and tied her up in the bedroom, making it impossible for her to escape. Then, after spending months savagely shooting her up with narcotics to ensure that she'd forget the night in question, he dumped her in an alleyway in Poughkeepsie.

Whats wrong with Cora the sinner?

Cora also has sleep issues, so she needs prescription medication. Without it, she goes through intense withdrawals in jail. Through hypnosis and help from Harry, she finally regains all of her memories. And these repressed memories are both Cora's prison and her eventual release.

Why did Cora lie to Ambrose about Phoebe's death?

  • Early in the season, Cora and Phoebe's parents told Ambrose that Phoebe died a month after Cora left. I don't see any reason for them to have lied about this, since they must have known that Phoebe was missing, but they did lie, so they're hiding something.

Why was Cora stuck in water in the sinner?

  • Cora, who, remember, was still sober, asked J.D. to pull over so Phoebe could clean herself. The repeated scene in the woods, where Cora and “Maddie” are stuck in some water, was, of course, really Cora and Phoebe, who were busy washing the soiled dress.

Why did Cora stab Frankie in the sinner?

  • She stabbed Frankie seven times on the beach that day because Frankie played a role in the death of Cora's sister Phoebe ( Nadia Alexander ), a memory Cora had buried but resurfaced when she heard his band's song and saw him making out with a woman.

Why did Cora take Maddie to the taproom?

  • The weekend of July 4th was Phoebe’s 19th birthday, and she forced Cora to take her to the Taproom, where the older Lacey sister planned to meet J.D.. Cora’s brain clearly overwrote the legitimate memory, inserting Maddie wherever Phoebe actually was.

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