What is the difference between Coco and The Book of Life?

What is the difference between Coco and The Book of Life?

What is the difference between Coco and The Book of Life?

The Book of Life is a love story, whereas the plot of Coco focuses on the protagonist's desire to connect to his roots and uncover a family secret. In The Book of Life, the human characters are manipulated by a god (Xibalba) whom Manolo must defeat.

Is The Book of Life based on Coco?

While the movies are completely different in plot (Coco centering around tradition, family, and legacy and the Book of Life centered on love, bravery, and courage), the similarities in animation come from concepts already embedded in Mexican culture.

Is Coco A Book of Life copy?

No, it isn't. Coco have a different plot than The book of life. Miguel came to the land of the dead by accident, while the protagonist(forgot the name) in The book of life came to the land of the dead in purpose.

Is Coco a ripoff of The Book of Life?

Animation fans raged when Disney and Pixar staffers described Coco as a “unique idea” about love and loss, done up in the colorful style of Mexican folk art — all of which describes The Book of Life, too. ... It's basically a rip-off from Reel FX's The Book of Life.

What is La Muerte made of book of life?

Despite being as old and ancient as time itself, La Muerte retains her vision of youth and radiant beauty. She is made entirely of white sugar candy with knee-length black licorice hair that is tied in a low ponytail and multi-colored glowing eyes with aqua eyeshadow that are in shades of gold and red.

What is The Book of Life based on?

Based on an original idea by Gutierrez, the story follows a bullfighter who, on the Day of the Dead, embarks on an afterlife adventure to fulfill the expectations of his family and friends....The Book of Life (2014 film)
The Book of Life
Box office$99.8 million

What story is Coco based on?

The concept for Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. The film was scripted by Molina and Matthew Aldrich from a story by Unkrich, Jason Katz, Aldrich, and Molina.

Was Coco based on a book?

Author Diana López of Corpus Christi took the screenplay from the Disney-Pixar hit movie and wrote the middle-grade novel, “Coco: A Story About Music, Shoes and Family.”

Will there be a book of life 2?

Director Jorge Gutierrez and animation house ReelFX confirmed in 2017 the Book Of Life 2 was in development. Sadly, little has been heard about the follow-up since this announcement, though Gutierrez has been busy working on an animated Netflix series called Maya And The Three, which is set to drop in summer 2021.

Is the Book of life and Coco the same movie?

  • Coco and The Book of Life both take place on Día de los Muertos, but they're very different movies. There's a phenomenon in Hollywood where two extremely similar movies are released in the same year, or otherwise relatively close together, by separate studios seeming without knowledge of each other - these are called twin films.

Is the movie Coco a Pixar rip off?

  • There's news that Disney-Pixar is coming out with a movie called 'Coco' this year. It's basically a rip-off from Reel FX's The Book of Life.

When did the Book of life come out?

  • In terms of their development, Coco director Lee Unkrich reportedly first pitched the concept in 2010 around the time Toy Story 3 came out. However, The Book of Life was in development for much longer, with director Jorge R. Gutierrez toying with the idea as early as 2001.

When did the first details of Coco come out?

  • When first details about Coco came out at Disney’s D23 event in 2015, Gutierrez expressed support for his friends and industry colleagues at Pixar. “Seriously, I have lots of friends working on Coco and I wish them all success,” he said on Twitter.

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