Does Clay actually see Hannah?

Does Clay actually see Hannah?

Does Clay actually see Hannah?

In seasons one and two, Clay began to see the ghost of Hannah in the hallways of Liberty High and wherever he went. ... However, after the events of season three, Clay is not only being tormented by his own actions, but his friends' also.Khor AP

How did clay see Hannah?

Hannah is not actually a ghost, she's a figment of Clay's imagination which means every time we see her, that's how Clay's seeing her. And apparently Clay paid enough attention to her clothes to be able to conjure up a different Hannah for every day of the week.Khor AP

What mental illness does Clay Jensen have in Season 4?

Eighth episode “Acceptance/Rejection” reveals Clay has been suffering from trauma-induced dissociative fugue since the beginning of the season.Khor AP

Does Clay have schizophrenia in 13 Reasons Why?

Although Netflix's 13 Reasons Why has prided itself on being a show that sheds light on real-world issues, it has continued to outright ignore a huge issue at its core - Clay Jensen's apparent schizophrenia.M AP

What did Clay do to Hannah on the tapes?

The answer was ultimately revealed during 13 Reasons Why season 1, episode 11, "Tape 6, Side A". Hannah told the story of the time she and Clay went to a party together. ... The tape directly after Clay's own was made for Bryce - who had raped Hannah at a separate party sometime later. AP

Was Clay schizophrenic?

Clay Exhibits Schizophrenia In All Three Seasons. ... In season one, it was even indicated that he had previously been treated and had medication for said issues.M AP

Does Clay have multiple personality disorder?

Later in the season, Clay's therapist reveals that Clay has been suffering from 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'. This makes him act violent and out of character at times.Khor AP

Is it true that Hannah loved clay so much?

  • Yes Hannah did love Clay. He played an important role in her life. Clay loved Hannah too and Hannah knew about this but since she mentioned in her tapes, according to Hannah he deserves someone better.

What did Hannah say in the Clay Jensen tape?

  • "Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list," Hannah says in the tape, using her nickname for Clay. "But you need to be here if I’m going to tell my story. If I’m going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren’t every other guy — you’re different. You’re good. And kind. And decent.

Why does Hannah keep appearing in 13 reasons why?

  • Hannah continues to appear when Clay has visions of her while coping with the aftermath of season 1's traumatic events. The mind is a powerful thing, and it can come up with all kinds of techniques to try to soothe itself after a horrible experience.

Why was clay included in 13 reasons why?

  • The mere fact Clay received the tapes meant that he was also included on the list. That fact was highlighted throughout the season - adding another element of mystery to proceedings. The answer was ultimately revealed during 13 Reasons Why season 1, episode 11, "Tape 6, Side A".

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