Did Hannah have a crush on Clay?

Did Hannah have a crush on Clay?

Did Hannah have a crush on Clay?

Clay was a student at Liberty High School and a close friend of Hannah Baker; who was also his crush. ... At the end of his tape, Hannah explains that Clay's name didn't belong on the list, but that she felt he needed to know the reasons behind her ultimate decision.

Is Hannah in love with Clay?

Clay's main love interest in season 1 is Hannah Baker. He has a crush on her and they even kiss at a party.

Was Hannah Baker in love with Clay?

Clay, who was in love with Hannah, reminisces about the time he spent with her. He finds listening to Hannah's story difficult, but his friend Tony finds him and reveals he plays a part in enforcing Hannah's will by making sure the tapes are heard; he knows Clay is mentioned on them.

Who did Hannah sleep with in 13 Reasons Why?

After getting to know one another, the two take a trip to the seaside. There, they confide in each other that they are virgins and Hannah asks Zach if he'd like to have sex with her (bold move!) Eventually, they have sex and it's actually a very sweet and pure moment - just like they both had hoped it to be.

Did Hannah Baker kiss Clay?

Episode 11 is the third in a row about events that transpire around Jessica Davis's house party. ... We already know that Hannah and Clay talked and hung out at the party, and the episode confirms that they spent the early hours together, chatting and flirting, and eventually kissing in Jessica's room.

How did clay interact with Hannah in 13 reasons why?

  • Clay had flashbacks of Hannah's interactions at each location. When he arrived at the park, Clay pictured Hannah and Justin kissing on the slide. With each episode, Clay begins to interact with the person currently talked about in the tapes. For example, Clay only began to talk to Jessica Davis after listening to her tape.

What did clay say to Hannah at the funeral?

  • Clay often talked with Hannah about Clay’s actions through the season and about what the testifiers revealed about Hannah in court. At Hannah’s funeral, Clay talked during his speech to Hallucination Hannah, saying goodbye while her hallucination left the church.

When was the last time Clay went to a party?

  • Due to Clay's introverted character, he is known to not attend parties. At Hannah's house party, Kat bet against him attending the party and tells Hannah that the last time she saw Clay at a party was at her birthday party in the 4th grade.

Who is not at deposition for clay and Tony?

  • Clay, Tony, Justin, Bryce, Sheri, Alex, and Ryan are the only ones who aren't seen attending their deposition. However, he mentions to Tony that both he and Tony have their depositions the day after. Five months have passed since Hannah's death, and Clay truly believed he was recovering from her death.

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