How long was Cobb and Saito in limbo?

How long was Cobb and Saito in limbo?

How long was Cobb and Saito in limbo?

182 years Using the 1:20 ratio, 10 hours of reality actually equals 8.3 days of dreaming on the first level, 5.47 months on the second, and 9.1 years on the third. Therefore, Cobb and Saito would have been trapped in limbo for 182 years if they hadn't been kicked out of the dream. BE

What happened to Saito in limbo?

After using the grenade to kill many projections, Saito dies, and goes into Limbo. Cobb and Ariadne go down into Limbo to find Fischer, and after Ariadne pushes Fischer off of the highest floor of Cobb and Mal's home, she jumps herself, administering the kick, and leaving Cobb alone to search for Saito.

Does Saito Die in limbo?

In the third Inception dream level, Saito assists the group but ultimately dies, along with Fischer, who is subsequently sent to Limbo but saved by Cobb and Ariadne. ... He's lived there for decades, just as Cobb knowingly spent decades in Limbo with his wife Mal. BE

Was Cobb still dreaming at the end of the movie?

Here's all the evidence that he is. I think the proof that he is still dreaming is, the scene where cobb tries to spin the totem when he wakes up from yusuf's sedative for the first time, he doesn't s[in the totem, sito interrupts him doing that and at the end totem still spins, so in my view cobb is still dreaming. BE

Did Cobb and Saito get out of limbo?

Leaving Limbo It is implied that dying in Limbo will allow the dreamer awaken in reality again. ... When Cobb finally appears before him in Limbo, Saito and Cobb remember that they are dreaming and wake themselves up, leaving Limbo once and for all.

How long is Cobb in limbo?

In Inception Cobb tells Ariadne that he was stuck in limbo with Mal for 50 years. Then they killed themselves by lying on the railway track. So, it is possible to commit suicide even if you are in limbo. And presumably, you return to the awake world.

Does Saito come back to life?

Back at the academy, Louise collapses in grief at Saito's death, however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito unexpectedly comes back to life. Louise runs out and meets Saito who is very much alive: When Saito fell, the Fairy, who resembles an Elf, saved him, revived him and nursing him back health.

Does Saito die in the familiar of zero?

Saito was given the nickname "Our Sword" by the head cook in episode three, where Louise takes Saito into town to purchase a weapon for him, which happens to be the legendary sword Derfflinger. At the end of Season 2 he is killed in battle but is revived by a fairy (who was in fact the same fairy who revived Guiche).

Was Inception a dream at the end?

Nolan has continually maintained that the ending is”subjective” and that the only thing that matters is that Cobb doesn't care if he's dreaming or not. Going by Caine's words, however, his appearance in the scene confirms the events were all real. BE

What did Cobb say to Saito in the dream heist?

  • Two early exchanges between Saito, Cobb, and Arthur ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt) hold part of the root of the argument which says belief in Cobb is essential to understanding the ending. In the opening dream heist, Cobb tells Saito at dinner that the most resilient parasite is an idea.

What happens in a journey into Limbo movie?

  • A journey into limbo features a harrowing, emotional confrontation between Cobb and Mal as "they" sort out "their" issues. (I use quotes since, as the movie has made plain in previous scenes, Mal is a projection of Cobb's mind, so really, Cobb is having a last-minute therapy sesh with himself.)

Is the top of Cobb's totem still spinning?

  • Before he does, though, he is compelled to spin his totem, a top once used by Mal, to see if this is all real. The top is still spinning as Cobb hugs his children and the camera cuts to black. Here is where we all collectively freaked out back in 2010. Was Cobb actually in the real world?

Why did Cobb walk away from the top?

  • Well in the end the top spinning didn't matter, if you notice Cobb walked away before it stopped spinning because he didn't care. The top wasn't the totem anyway, that was Mal's totem and her perspective would have the influence over the totem.

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